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Stitches erupting through scar

Did anyone else have issues with surgical stitches working their way through your scar and out? I've had atleast 3 stitches pop out and it's quite nasty and painful. The worst one was 6 mths post surgery and it went on for 2 months. Eventually had to have more surgery (wound revision surgery), partially shaved head again, 4 " Y shaped incision. Dr. found a large cyst and another stitch. It healed up fine and surgery was minor compared to decompression.
Now I've got another swollen tender area on the scarline and I'm guessing it's another stitch ...

Any similar stories out there??
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Hi....do u know if u have Ehlers-Danlos?

I wonder bcuz ur skin would be fragile and could reject foreign objects like a stitch. I was slow to heal and had the tender spots u mention, not stitches tho...my dr used glue and steri strips bcuz of my EDS.

But, the areas that were tender would then ooze....I was given a topical  antibiotic ointment which helped me as far as with concerns of infection...it finally stopped around 9 months post op.

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Sorry...I am confused...(which is normal these days :)

Why did you still have stitches in at 6 months? My stitches were taken out 2 weeks post op and I had no problems.

I do get an area right at the top of my incision that flares up and down and can be painful at times...sort of like there is a pimple on it....I am now 5 1/2 months post op.

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These were the internal stitches that should have dissolved by themselves! I had 20 staples on the outside and these were removed before I left the hospital.
Sorry for being unclear!

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Tina, I figured it was internal and Y I asked if u knew if u were checked for EDS as that could be a reason.....

How long after surgery were ur staples removed?

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Staples removed approx. 5 days post surgery. (Was in hospital 7 days, home 24 hours, back to ER for 8 hrs before they diagnosed me with spinal meningitis, then 8 more days in hospital, back home with PIC line for 24/7 antibiotics for 3 more weeks)

I'm not familiar with EDS so haven't been diagnosed with it. will do some research. My skin is very sensitive to foreign objects: bandaids, stitches etc. I had trouble with dissolvable stitches comes through my skin on my thigh several years ago after a melanoma surgery.

I had stitches, clear ooze and sometimes white congealed lumps of goo about the size of a pea coming out of the 1/4" wound along the incision line for several months. It would heal up and then open again. Surgeon kept blowing me off for months. He finally did the "wound revision" a week b4 xmas (Decompression surgery 6/09). He cut out a large cyst (I kept telling dr there was a little hole back there!!!)

Now I've again got a painful area and I think I can feel stuff moving around inside - stitches again I think . . .
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Well, after looking up EDS it's an interesting idea. I've always had trouble healing after surgeries, even skin biopsies. I had a small precancerous melanoma removed from under my breast and it took months and months to heal.
Mosquito bites flare up and the skin around it forms a big red ring.
Do have a diagnosed heart valve problem: pulmonary stenosis.
No joint problems, stretchy skin or unusual bruising.

Have many drug allergies that show up as skin rashes and prone to poison ivy etc.

It does seem like being diagnosed with Chiari is the tip of the iceburg . . .
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May I ask, do u bruise easy?

Slow to heal?...do ur joints move in and out?....can u bend ur fingers at odd angles without pain?...see the pic in the EDS forum

EDS would deff explain  the issues u have had...like I said for almost 9 months I had the ozzeing....it actually started with some blood.It also got very sore......and I could tell it was going to ooze.

What did they use to close the revision and what kind of patch do u have?

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