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Surgery recovery time?

I am a 25 year old male and I had decompression surgery 6 months ago. I am still suffering severe pain in my neck and shoulders and heavily depend on pain relief (Endone) I feel like I am never going to be normal again. Has anyone had the surgery and what was your recovery like...how long until the pain subsides?
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I had the decompression surgery three months ago and still have to rely on over the counter pain meds.  Luckily, it has not been as bad for me as others.  Did your doctor give you a rehabilitation program?  From what I have heard it is not that abnormal to be in pain,  I have heard that it could take 6-8 months to start to feel better, especially when using the muscles.  Hang in there.
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HI and welcome to the chiari forum.

As tugboat said everyone will respond differently.....please see oue thread titled how many zipperheads for members views on their surgeries.

I hope u continue to post ur questions and concerns.

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First, I hope things begin to get better soon.  Second, I have been told that various symptoms Chiari patients experience post surgery may take months to up to two years as the body regains strength.  I think, in some ways, those of us that have had surgery for Chiari will never be 'normal' as we knew 'normal' prior to surgery.  Some of us may discover that we cannot participate in various recreational activites and others may still experience a variety of varous types of pain, some of whic we did prior to surgery.  I hope you have understanding friends/family and that you will be patient w/ yourself.  As we know and as noted about, we all respond differntly and at different paces.
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I know i'm really late but I was just randomly searching the internet for what recovering from surgery is like and I saw your question. I had surgery in july of 2008 and im still in severe pain. I was told before surgery that the recovery time is between 3 weeks to 6 months and now 2 years later i'm still struggling a little bit. My doctor told me the pain is something that i have to live with because its been so long. I'm just glad im not paralyzed (that's the silver lining). My cerebellum was 18mm and it tore my spine up. But I'm alive, I can function, I can walk and write, which are things i couldnt do after right after surgery. I hope your feeling better and if you havent i hope you've gotten used to the pain like I have. I think what helps is to do little activities that will stretch your shoulders and strengthen your body because i think that was my downfall.
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I had chiari decompression and a neck fusion done on feb15, 2010. I have a syrnx. I am in constant pain it gets worse at night. I wake up with my hands completely numb and pain going down the right arm. My muscles in my shoulders neck and back are always in pain and still have pain when I move around for long periods of time. I have to lay down every few hours and the hardest part for me is no one seems to believe I could still be in all this pain after 8 months. quality of life really ***** I really need support. I need to find a doctor and support here in columbus. Really need some Hope  
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

I am so sorry u r having such a rough time post op. Have u had a post op MRI? Do u know if CSF flow was restored?

Many times pain like u describe can be a sign of something else going on, be it from the surgery itself or in addition to.....

May I ask, is  ur NS a chiari specialist?.......this can make a difference in getting the proper care......and finding out what else is possibly going on.

We do have a list of chiari drs u should research....and be advised u may have to travel to get to one.

The next thing is do u have a NL....the after care for chiarians is basically non existent....the NS just checks on the surgical site and CSF flow afterward and he is done....then most r left hanging......

Do try to find a NL to see if they can be of help to determine y u r in pain.

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