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Thankful for this forum!!!!

Just wanted to say, I am so very thankful for you all of you have been so kind as to answers my questions on here regarding the chiari.

I have not canceled my surgery for march 19th, but I did go yesterday for a 2nd opinion with a neurologist. He was shocked that no one had taken the time to do these tests before just rushing me into surgery.

I will be having the CINE MRI and a couple others hopefully all before the 19th. He also requested I get a 2nd surgical opinion, so I am doing that as well.

He is still concerned though about all the swelling in my eyes, and eyelids. He said in his history of chiari, he has never experienced this as typical chiari symptom? He is unsure why this would be happening. Now, mind you, he isnt a chiari specialist.

Anyone else have this? This is one of my chief complaints. Is the pressure in my head, accompanied with swelling in my eyes, and eyelids.

Again, thank you all who take the time to help those of us, who just arent as educated in chiari :) It is so helpful and Im so garteful to each and everyone of you :)

Thank you Selma, for running this board!! You are amazing!

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  Hi...I wanted to address the swelling issue and it may not be a common issue for those with chiari, but those that also have PTC along with is can have this.....so, they have to be open to u having several issues going on at once.

Or that u may have had the PTC and it caused the chiari ....until they look they will not know which came first , or if u have both...but best to know b4 surgery to avoid post op set backs.

  Keep us posted : )

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I am happy to hear your getting tests done b4 surgery.  I would think it would be from the pressure and not having enough spinal flow.  Having the CINE MRI should detect this.  Wish you the best.
Also want to say Thank you to Selma because if it wasn't for her I would never of gotten the answer's and reasurrance of having Chairi. Thanks Selma you are an Angel to us all  
Linda :)
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So the PTC can cause this swelling? See, I would have never known this.. because the dr.s seem baffled by the swelling.
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  Is ur Dr a true Chiari specialist?....this is where the need for those that deal with chiari everyday  that u can see a difference....

  DO get other opinions....
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I am now seeing a  new neurologist, who is doing the testing that was NOT even offered from the other dr.( surgeon) He feels it is extremely important, and was shocked that it was not followed through on.

He is as well following through on the chance of Psuedotumor. And Im grateful. I cannot thank you all enough, if I hadnt came here, I couldve have made a decision that I may have regretted the rest of my life.
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I am happy u get the testings and happy u found the forum.keep us updated.
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