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Very weak, poor fine motor skills

Is Chiari causing  droping sensations when doing simple motor skills?  It is harder for me to write out an envelope than carry the garbage outside.  Turning over pennies on a table never got better after my decompression.  What bothers me is the 2 nuerosurgeons said to operate, there was a problem with spinal flow.  The nuerologists test my leg, arm strength and my walking.  They say I do not have it or a very mild case.  All I know is I cannot do normal everyday activites without feeling like a ragg doll.
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

How long since u had ur decompression surgery?It is possible to have perm nerve damage as surgery is not a cure, but a means to restore flow and slow progression.

And have u ruled out related conditions and issues including post op issues?

And what all was done during ur surgery? did u have a laminectoimy, duraplasty?......
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I had a decompression four years ago.  My neurosurgeon left the Chicago

Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery (I think they were at 5100 North

Damon)and it appears they have merged with another hospital.  My fine motor

skills are terrible.  I get dropping episodes when I walk the dog, go shopping

or read the words of a song being played.  I can only type in a recliner with

the desktop level with my face.  I  am in a terrible state.  Could anyone tell

me a neurologist or neurosurgeon in the Chicago area?  I know that they ask for

the notes, paperwork and MRI from 2007, but I can not look down and find them in

my legal box of papers.  It is that bad.  I wonder if there is an obstruction

that a Dr. discovered from a spinal fluid flow test.  That seems a good start

with an MRI. Please any suggestion is welcome.

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  Can u explain ur dropping episodes...do u just get weak in ur legs, dizzy, or do u just collapse? Are u aware u r falling?

Do u know if ur decompression was a complete PFD with lamenectomy and duraplasty?

  Were u checked for related issues like ICP, POTS,Ehlers-Danlos, cervio cranial instability.....

  Can u get a new MRI as u have new issues?
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