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This is just a suggestion for those who are going to undergo surgery or have already undergone it, walk. Even if you feel like crap, or don't feel like you have the time just do it, even if it is just up and down the driveway. There were days, especially in the 2 weeks right after surgery that I felt like poop on a plate, but I made myself walk at some point during the day. Lately, I haven't been having a lot of time and I noticed that my mood was getting worse and worse, and then I realized I hadn't walked in awhile. So I took the dog and my Ipod and I feel a lot better.

Please walk. It really helps.
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I totally agree.  The fresh air is good therapy, but as my father used to say. "The farther you walk, the longer we live".  Even when I go shopping I'll give other's the closer parking spot's and I'll walk a little further.  I have my dad's quote in my head every time I park.  Try it.  My doctor said if you walked into the store, resteraunt, etc every time instead of the drive thru you can loose 5 pds in a year.  I'm trying it and liking it too.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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Personnaly I LOVE to walk. But with the cold weater coming our way I'll have to do it on an inside track. I cant stand very cold temperatures for long period of times!
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The farther I walk the better I feel and even if I feel like crap it still helps!  
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I agree.  High impact exercise is out of the question now.  I find great joy in walking.  It helps to clear the mind and to destress too.  Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!
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I'm with all of you on everything. Walking de-stresses me, and since hi impact stuff is out of the question for now, all I have is the walking. I can't wait to get back to some of my high impact stuff though :D Also .... I don't mind the cold, summer is what gets me. I am not someone that deals with heat well. It makes me grouchy. lol
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The heat and humidity makes me sicker also.  The cold dry air helps to keep  inflammation down I think for me.  I do try to sneak in a higher impact workout.  I usually regret it the next day, but it feels good when I'm doing it.  I miss weight lifting.  I'm doing a light Pilates tape, it helps to keep me limber.
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I miss my P90X and jui-jitsu very much. Those were very good outlets for the stress in my life. Walking you can only do so much with before it becomes running and that is a no no right now. I start PT next week, hoping, I can get some muscle strength back before I go to work and so I can ease back into my workout routines, starting with P90X and hoping to get back into jiu-jitsu at some point within the next year.
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