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Weight Lifting- Strength Training

Hello all..

I have chiari however i don't need the operation as it stands at the moment.. still what are everyones opinions on weight lifting? i do hardcore bootcamp and weight training however if i strain my neck to much i do feel nauseas.. opinions.. is this normal or just the chiari kicking in? am i making the chiari worse? do i need to halt it a little bit??

any comments much appreciated...

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  Hi and welcome back.

I can echo what I may have told u b4 concerning this....Chiari Drs tell u s to avoid straining, lifting etc...as it will affect how we feel.

We have to listen to our bodies, and are u making it worse, possibly....have u had a recent MRI to see if it is changing?

Have u had a Chiari specialist review ur MRI's?

I think u know what u need to do, cutting back may help u....but only u know for sure.
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thank you Selma..

i am due to see another neurologist in april and i have a list of questions ready for him.. my neurologist beforehand was a chiari specialist and he has reviewed my scans and the op isn't urgent..

though i should probably get another one to see if i am damaging myself...

i think i need to cut down on back and neck weightlifting as the way i felt after a weekend of it was horrible, i didnt eat all day sunday..

also unrelated.. does chewing things provoke your headaches? i find chewing hard sweets- i.e. skittles and also gum worsens my headache??

Alex x
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  Oh I am sure as it causes vibrating of the jaw and head....I can sense the feeling from it and I would say yes....it all depends on the HA u have at the moment as to what may affect it and u as a result.

DO keep us posted on what the new MRI's show....
and let us know how u r doing : )
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thank you selma i will do :)

Chiari is a *****.
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  I am sure we all agree with ur sentiment....lol...
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Hello Alex,

I go to the gym also. I checked with my therapist and doctors before doing any of this.  I also do mostly core strengthen.  I do nothing that involves my neck and my weight limit is only 50 lbs.  That is with anything I do arms, legs, etc.  I use the machines, cause I don't want any stress put on my neck region or pulling.  You may have to re-configure you weight trainning a little.  Hope this helps
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I do conditioning, boxing, muay thai, and Jiu-jitsu and have had 6 surgeries for vp shunt placement, shunt revisions, bleeding, cyst removal, and a chiari decompression, and I have heard it all from doctors. Find a doc you trust and stick close to that one. Listen to your body and know your aches. Know when to push the right way, eat healthy and work the parts of your body that are not effected as much so you can use them more because if we are weaker in are necks we should work our shoulders and core and legs then do lighter neck excersices but not stop strengthening our neck too if we can. There will be bad days but if the sun is out and you feel like you can go for the gold I say do it. Just remember the motto has changed for us now it isn't "pain is just weakness leaving the body" for us now it is pain is our body telling us hey ALARM ALARM!" Know your Alarms
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