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What to do when the meds don’t work

Sorry for another question! Just wondering what everyone does when the pain gets too much and medication isn’t improving it? I been at a bit of a loss lately, I feel I’m being a timewaster/drug seeker if I go to a&e but at the same time I don’t know how much longer I can cope with being in that much pain. So it just goes around in circles until I eventually start to feel a bit better. What would people recommend? I think I’d feel guilty going to the hospital but at the same time idk if I want something stronger prescribed to me (I think the next thing up would be morphine). What do you guys do?
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Hi NEVER apologize for asking questions that is how you learn....and everyone else can as well ....not everyone is willing to ask every question they have, and so they don't get the help they need.
There are activities we are to avoid to help lessen or reduce flare ups....all we can do is try to relax since most times meds do not help.
Typically Chiari symptoms cycle.....so how we react to stress and how much we push ourselves can affect how we feel....so listen to your body, and if you need a link to the list let me know.
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