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Zipperhead terms


My 12 year old daughter had the decompression surgery in October 2010.  She will be having surgery again in two weeks for her Scoliosis.  Anyway, we have been shopping around on Zazzle and other places... as the humor she finds in some of the products related to her conditions seems to help her accept it better.  She found several pairs of shoes available with the quote "I'm a Zipperhead x 2" or "....x 3 or x 4 or x 5".  Does anyone know what they are referring too?  We speculated it was for people who may have had multiple decompression surgeries but just weren't sure.

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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Yes x 2  etc..would indicate having the decompression surgery more than once....

I want to send well wishes for ur DD's upcoming surgery for scoliosis....please keep us posted on her progress : )

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Thank you.  I'll keep you posted. :)
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Didn't know I get to add a x2 next month :)  They do have some great zipper head and chiari shirts out there!!!  I agree that it is fun to make some of it a joke!!  I love my "too much brain to contain" shirt that I got from cafe press and it is an easy way to explain a complex condition.  
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Hi! What sites ??, I would love to get shirts, or wristbands!!
Mazie :o)
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  Yes u will x's 2...we even have a member that can have a x's 3 on her's.....

Mazie u can just google chiari t shirts or cafe press and u will go right to the sites.
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Great! Thanks Selma :o)
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