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chiari ribbon tattoo

Hey does anyone know the exact color of the chiari ribbon? I know its purple, light purple or dark? Im goin thurs for a tattoo and i want the correct color. Dont wanna mess it up.
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620923 tn?1452915648

  I have the color in my profile...take a look...but it is purple and it is a dark purple.....

Make sure u r checked for EDS b4 u go to see if ur skin will allow for the tat...some with EDS their skin is too fragile for this...some are ok....so do check first.
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I di have 3 tattoos already. But the last one i got ( my boys initials) i had to go to dr after for it swelled and broke out all around it. Dr said i was allergic to the ink? Hmmnmm. What would happen if i got one and didnt know if i had eds?
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I have to tell you something I thought was sweet.  My daughter and niece went this last summer and had a tatoo. (I make a certain smiley face with ALL my signature's :)  so they went and had it tatoo. on the neck on behalf of my Chairi..  I really don't care for tatoo's for myself personally but this was so touching.  I know it is permanate  I was touched., but now they can't donate blood with me for a yr. :(    please find our 1st if it is ok for you to get this.
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  U could have an allergic reaction, ur skin could tear....all types of things depending on u...since we r all different some with EDS have no problems getting a tat, others would...so do make sure b4 u end up with a big blotch.
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I got a tatto of the ribon tattooed on my hand, you can look at it if you want.

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It's not the one with the zipper, just the ribbon. And I have to addmit the picture is not the best either. But the tattoo it self is gorgeous.
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