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do my symptoms point to chiari type 1 malformation

my headaches started three years ago about a month after my hysterectomy. when i woke from that i had pnemonia as i aspirated during surgery and the pain was unlike anything i had ever experienced. it took six days for me to be able to come home. anyway, my headache patterns have changed dramatically over the last 8 months. before, they would come on gradually and last for 8hrs to 3 days. i never experienced an aura with them. i tried therapy with imitrex and maxalt and countless OTC's. to no avail. i would go to the emergency room for two shots of dilauded and phenergan. that relly helped as the pain was lessened and was able to sleep. now, anything that i do, such as, sitting, standing, walking, coughing, sneezing, having a bowel movement or passing gas, sexual activity and bending over puts tremendous pressure on my head and the pain is excruciating. its a throbbing, pounding pain that does not go away. these are very dabilitating. i am ready to see a neurologist, but i wanted to get some outside answers before i went in. i hope that you can help me as i cannot live day to day with this pain any longer. also. my nose is always running with clear fluid with these headaches and i can no longer sleep. thank you for your time and i hope to hear from you soon.   jennifer
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Hi and welcome to the chiari forum Jennifer.

It is a possibility that u may have chiari or a related condition. It could even be pusedo tumor cerebre...or sometimes called intercranial hypertension.

Seeing a NL is a great start with your symptoms, ask if he/she would do MRI's of ur brain and ur complete spine.Ask that they look for a CSF blockage such as a syrinx.....

I am sure all the members here can relate to ur pains and symptoms, and I encourage u to continue to post ur concerns here and Please update us after ur NL visit.

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Ask the NL about hydrocephalus also.
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