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do you think my syptoms could be chiari malformation?

* ear pain and fullness mostly left year (dull constant all the time then sharp hot stabbing twinges every so often that have become more regular) never not in pain anymore and headaches with ear pain is a new thing in the last week or two they are usually seperate i would usually get a headache when my ear is not twinging as much
* head aches left temple and at the back of the head also left side near and on my mastoid, mastoid bone can be very painfull and lower down the head leading to the back of the neck
* neck and shoulder pain left side, this is worse when stressed out
* facial pain left side
* head feels like its swimming sometimes and shaky
* itchy/tickley face and very itchy nose when syptoms are bad not sure if this is the pills tho?
* brain fog so glad someone gave a name for that i was gonna say muggy head
* confusion
* word loss
* disorentation especially when in the supermarket it is defo the lights and the floor i also get very dizzy and weird eyes if i have to iron stripy tops especially black and white also shop signs with certain colours on top of one another this was put down to my dyslexia though
* weakness in left arm and hand/heaviness in left arm/pins and needles
* twitching/weird eye movements left eye/twitching right side upper lip gets very annoying as all of a sudden it will get faster and harder and people can see my face moving
* ocassionaly ear rinign.buzzing
* facial paralasis (only happened a few times)
* very dry mouth lips and throat, loose voice quite a lot
* dull ache in both legs (left worse) and lower back as far down as my bum (left side also worse)
* cramp in calfs and arches of feet left side worse used to happen more frequntly then it does now
* floaty feeling not the same as the diziness (shopping)
* fatigue tired a lot i dont get till sleep till very late and when i do try i dont sleep to well, i still get pain when i am asleep it is always there so im never fully switched off even with sleeping pills
* nausea and vomiting (vomiting not all the time but a lot when i do and for a few days at a time)
* dioreha more often they i should have
* unsteady with feet, sometimes they dont go where i want them to mostly if ive been stood up or walking a long time
* pain while chewing anying even something soft not all the time takes me by suprise
* depression, anxiety and feeling very angry (some days ill just be angry all day and snap at people but dont mean to ) :(
* hot flushes and sweats out of no where and i am way too young for the change
* heart raching (new syptom last week or so)
* pain worse when i cough, sneeze or poo (sorry) also when i cough sneeze or wretch i also get stabbing pain in my left eye and it once felt like it was going to pop out
* collapsing/fainting/black outs
* shaking feeling from insdie the body
* hate crowded places/lots of people talking (makes me feel dizzy and head feel weird also hurts my ear) same with loud noises
* irregular periods not had one since feb 2012
* feel over sensitive to pain also feel over sensative to medications
* selected insomnia (i dont choose i will just not sleep or up to 5 days for no reason)
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  Hi, u posted this same question on another thread and I did reply on that one,

So welcome again and I hope u see the answer on the other post.

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sorry my comps really crap ill check the other one lol x
620923 tn?1452915648

  No worries....here is the link in case u can't locate the thread....

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