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good news to share

Hello everyone! So, here I am 12 days post op from PFD surgery. I'm starting to feel good. I can go without pain meds for longer durations, and it's mostly soreness than pain. My incision has behaved beautifully! I've had my days where it feels like carrying around my head is too much and still feel like I am fighting CM and other days where I feel like I can take on the world. I'm getting anxious about things like driving, but I AM behaving and adhering to weight restrictions & such.
Back in Oct/Nov. I wrote a journal entry about what CM has destroyed the most about me. My laugh. God, I've just missed laughing without pain! Well, yesterday my mom sent me an email forward that literally had me laughing so hard I was crying, snorting, hyperventilating (yeah, one of those)! It didn't dawn on me. About an hour later, I was thinking to myself when I would start feeling "normal" and then hit me; I LAUGHED!!!! I laughed and didn't have to hold my head! I laughed and didn't say ow! I laughed and didn't cry from PAIN!!! At this point, of course, I burst into tears and started yelling for my hubby and just started saying "honey, i laughed!" and he kept saying "I know!" because he did know. He watched me reading (or attempting) to read that email, and laugh uncontrolably and sat back as I LAUGHED freely for the first time in so long!
I know that I still have a ways to go with my recovery, and as I speak the back of my head is killing me, which is my cue for my night time "cocktail", but I had to share my joyous news with my family who would understand the most!!!
Thank you for your love & support!
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Hello Chiari surgery Buddy :)  glad to hear all is well.  I agree, laughing after surgery was the best.  I was so sad post op when it happened again but I am feeling great now too and really happy to say I can laugh without head pain now also!  Hopefully my repair is good, the chemical meningitis is going well, down to only a few days of steroids left.  I went to the store today with my husband and it was wonderful to get out, now back to my chair because my head is so sore from being out.  The pain gets ouchy by the end of the day but getting so much better.  I am still very tired and not sleeping well but one side of my head is still quite sore so sleeping stinks.  It is wonderful to know both of us are happy and smiling!  Take care and keep me posted :)  -zygy
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  Fantastic news Steph !! I remember those early post op days too...there r so many diff things u notice and r amazed by...and sometimes it is short lived bcuz we r too anxious to get back to normal doing normal things we screw things up.

Rest, take it easy and do not be tempted to do nething even tho right now u feel like u can....u will pay later just like pre op...sometimes worse....REST!!!

   I am so happy for u : )

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Congrats! That's so wonderful to hear. I hope that your recovery continues to go well. It's those things people without chiari take for granted and don't understand.
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Thats great Steph! I know youll continue to have great suprises like that and we will all be here ready to hear them.

I actually teared up because I know exactly what you mean laughing used to casuse the same problem for me, and now (even wit the proplems ive had since the surgery) i can without having to grab my head or spend 10 mins without even talking..

REST... haha... Selma is so right!! Although you feel good, be careful, it was a mistake I made, because i wasnt really ready yet.. so REST even though you feel good!

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Wow congrats honey, its lovely to hear you are doing so well.  Keep it up and dont overdo it honey.

Keep us updated on your progress.


Niki x x
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I am so happy for you!  I hope things continue to improve.  It is amazing how those little milestones make it all worth it.  Please dont overdo it!  I am 12 weeks post op tomorrow and I can most def attest to how bad overdoing it is for you.  
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Thank you everyone! I have my good days and my rough days & I tire easy but at my 2wk post-op appt yesterday my doctor was very happy with my healing!! The only thing that kind of bothered me was that he said I won't have any follow up MRI's unless I start developing symptoms again or new symptoms because insurance won't cover it. I do have a question that I will post in the forum...
But thank you all for your prayers and support! Zygy- I'm SO glad to hear things are finally going in the right direction for you!!!!! Always in my prayers!!
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