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14 year old touching mother

My 14 year old slept at my moms house, she complained that during the night he went into her bed and was touching her buttocks, another family member complained that when he hugs her he touches her breasts, when he hugs me he rubs his genitals on me, he also crept into my bed last night and i woke up to him touching my buttocks, i have tried to speak to him many a time about appropriate behaviour and it falls on deaf ears. What do I do, is this a major cause for concern as I don't see this as being normal.
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This is not normal! Did he do this at the beginning of puberty or did it just start? Does he have any neurological things like adhd or autism? He definitely lacks perspective thinking and impulse control. I also hate to say this but has there ever been suspicions of sexual activity or even abuse?
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No, it is not normal for a 14 year old to touch his grandmother or mother. A hug is a hug and we all know what that is. Chest to chest, we hug. But touching breasts with hands, buttocks with hands, etc. is not appropriate. Rubbing genitals, they may touch, just being honest, depending on how tight the hug is but rubbing? No. When it goes on deaf ears, I think you need to be clear that it makes you and other women uncomfortable and that it stops. Does he have a father in the picture?
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