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8 months baby is not reaching for toys/cannot sit unaided

My LO  will turn 8 months next week. he is not reaching for toys and generally seems to stuggle with using his hands/arms accurately (poor coordination) and cannot hold things up with his hand. He is just batting on things and can put some weight on his leg for a second and infrequently if he is in the baby walker. He cannot sit up independently at all, and even when he is supported he pushes himself to the back, he prefers lying back. he can roll over his tummy and push his leg to the back. can hold his head up when he is lying back or on his tummy. he chews his hands a lot. he can babble, says dada, baba, inga. His voice is loud. his eye contact is totally fine, can follow anything comes infront of his eye. his hearing is perfect. He has been eaten solid since he was 4 months. Please help as I am worrying a lot. The GP did not take any action , just says he is normal! he did not even do the physical examination for him!
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Hi.  Well, he sounds like he is doing fine in some areas such as his vocal ability.  I've heard that kids progress either physically or vocally.  Meaning, some speak sooner and lag in motor skills and others move forward in motor skills but speak later.  ??  I do understand your concerns though.  Does he grasp your finger like babies do?  Chewing on hands is very normal.  And the babbling is good.  Glad he has good eye contact and can track well.  so, you know---  one of my sons never crawled.  at all.   And then all of a sudden he walked at 9.5 months.  Got up and walked!  And he walked for about 3 seconds and then started running!  Does he hold a toy at all like a rattle?  Even if he doesn't reach for it---  can you give it to him?  Will he take it and is able to hold onto it?  I'd keep your eye on this but try not to worry yet.  You can also go for a second opinion to another pediatrician.  And another great thing to do is to have him around other people with kids ---  people you can trust who can tell you where their kids are at/were at at this age.  But remember, kids do all develop at different paces.  Both my boys walked early but talked later.  I understand when the mom bells are going off.  So, just keep your eye on it and help him along for now.  Keep in touch and let us know how he is doing!
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Ya, I agree with Specialmom.  Kind of normal, kind of not.  Does he crawl at all?  During the day, is he free to move on the floor?  What does he do when awake?  Was he wrapped or confined a lot as an infant?
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It could be a neuromuscular disorder like Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). If so, then the sooner you know, the better. Insist on diagnosing it NOW with a pediatric neurologist and run labs for to find out the copy number of SMN1 and SMN2 genes. The benefits of early intervention can be HUGE for SMA. don't mean to sound scary as it could be something different but if it is SMA then best to know ASAP.
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This could be completely normal, but it also could be a problem. If your GP is refusing to even examine him I would look for another one. It's completely unprofessional that they won't even examine a child that possibly has problems.
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