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Behavior issues

I'm glad I found this site becasue I thought I was the only on ewith behaviour issues from my sons. They are mostly good kids. One is 6 going to be 7 in Nov and is entering 1st grade and the other just turned 5 and is entering k. I can not take my childern any where. They run around make a lot of nosy and are really out of control. I yell at them i seperate them I spank them I try to calm them down with games and toys I've tried every thing to try to get them to behave and everyone just looks at me like I'm the worst mother ever. Last year when Enrique(the oldest) started K he was great. had gren every day and even was the "top dog" one week then around january I started hearing from the teacher that he wouldnt stop talking. Finally she seperated him from the class. Then he stoped following directions( i was even told one or twice that he was a danger onthe playground(he wouldn't stop swinging onthe monkey bars)) The teacher noted that when she would explain to him his behavour he would smerk at her as if he tought it was funny.. I've seen the same thing at home. Once he got in serious trouble and was sent to the behavour room. He just cried. Could this be ADHD or maybe a thyoid issue or am I just a bad mother. My other son had been diagnosed with apraxia of speech. At the beginning of the year he had yellow all the time becasue he would tell the aide "NO". He still had issues at the end of the year with standing in line, keeping his coat and bag on, but the main issue was with focusing. Teh teacher told me that he would play with his feet, her feet, the carpet and not be able to focus on what the class was doing. Also when she would tell the class to get up he would still be sitting there as if he didnt relize what was going on around him. He is really smart and loves to work on puzzles. Could his issue be adhd or does he just not care. I cant get him to clean at all at home. p.s There is a family history of thyoid issues.
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   Well,they do have many of the symptoms of ADHD.  And the fact that this is happening at school as well as at home is an important part of the symptoms.   You are a good mother to try and find out what is causing this behavior - and if they do have ADHD that would explain why your discipline methods have not worked.
    The following is a good site with info on the symptoms (and lots of other things) on ADHD.   Check it out - http://www.help4adhd.org/en/about/what/WWK1
     If you think it might be ADHD or have further questions relating to ADHD, please post over here.   http://www.medhelp.org/forums/ADD---ADHD/show/175.  ; I am the CL over there as well and will be able to help.
    Oh, its pretty easy to rule out thyoid issues (except for getting the blood part) and you might want to get that test just to make sure.   Hope I will be able to help.
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Relax, you are not a bad mother. But I deffinately think you are on to something with the ADHD. I would visit a professional & have them examine it. By you seeking out help & having such concern for him, shows what a good mother you are. Best of luck.
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