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Does my toddler Development Delay or Autism?

Hi I am worried parents. My 23 month premature baby (32 Week) still doesn't speak a single meaning full word, doesn’t point or wave hand for bye, doesn't pay attention when we try to teach something. Love to live alone, doesn’t want to copy from older, doesn’t recognized picture. He is also not very interest to play with other kids. He licks everything. When he is hungry he suck his thumb and come to him mom.  Someone told us these are early sign of autism.
But he recognized his name nearly all the time, He has good eye contact, He feed us, if we demand. He understand  come but not go, If I just say hand, leg, teeth, mouth he is able to show these body part, he understand give, take( Not his favorite item), he knows use of comb, He can open and close all drawer, turn on tab water, claiming chair grill. He does hand shake with us and some time hi five, love to play peek a boo, put out arms or leg to help with dressing. When we take him to door he push us to go outside, He is very careful for his own safety, He used to do toe waling and hand flapping but no more. But still he become hyper and some time does unusual behavior like close his eye and walk, unnecessary cry and laugh. I am in very much worried about him. We are giving him speech therapy since one month and we admit him in a pre-school. Please advice.
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Hi!  Welcome to medhelp.  Sorry it took so long to answer.  I'm sure you are worried about your little one.  There is such a wide variety of normal and a wide spectrum of where someone can fall if delayed or even on the autistic spectrum.  My son has a developmental delay called sensory integration disorder which involves things like speech, motor control, he flapped his hands for a while, etc.  Can your boy follow a simple command?  Sounds like he can---  which is a great sign.  Now, the important thing to know is that intervention can do wonders for a child.  Have you talked to your doctor about this?  If you are in the states, there is an early intervention program in every city --  a doctor's referral is how you get started.  "Help me Grow" is a name of one such program but you'd have to look in your city.  Then they evaluate your child and provide services to help whatever they may be needed and typically for free based on income.  That is from birth to age three and then at age three, your public school system takes over.  So, get this set up now.  The private route is a developmental pediatrition.  So, let me know what kind of professional you've talked about this with and what they said regarding your son and we'll go from there.  :>)  I had grave worries about my son but he is now doing fantastic.  So, please know that all children can be helped and in today's world, professionals are excellent at it.  
Sounds like a developmental delay. He can benefit from detoxing and speech therapy. Although he doesn't have typical Autism symptoms, he could benefit from a detox protocol. There is a book called Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism by Kerri Rivera. The detox protocol is cheap and has worked wonders many children There is a test called an ATEC test you take online to see where your child is "on the spectrum". It''s totally possible for him to catch up on speech and any other delays.
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Hello! I work for an Early Intervention Program called Early Steps in Florida. There is an early intervention program in every state as it's a state and federally funded program; your state my have a different name. The Early intervention program is for babies 0-3 yrs with developmental delays, and/or certain medically needed babies. This program is voluntarily and at no cost to families, but insurance is billed with parent permission. The parent can do a self-referral. To find out the closest early intervention program near you, just google " early intervention program near me", and I'm sure you'll find something.
Hope this helps!
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