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Help!!! My 4 year old is obsessed with painting, lights and spongebob!!

My (almost) four year old son is obsessed with painting pictures of concert stages with all the stage lights on them.  My mom took my son to a concert in the park over the summer at the city hall, and ever since then, he has became almost obsessed with anything and everything that involves concerts, and he relates back to the concert thingy that my mom took him to.  He will paint pictures and pretend that they are concerts and then he will sing while he is painting pretending he is at the concert.  He does this almost every time he paints. We tell him to paint something else, but he says he doesnt know how to paint anything else, so we will show him how to paint other things. Also he loves to take two flashlights and play with them, pretending that they are the spotlights on the stage at a concert.  What I am concerned about is is this just imaginative play, or is he obsessed with this???

Also, he loves sprinklers.  Anytime we are on a walk, he will constantly look for the little black sprinkler heads on neighbors grass and point them out.  Over the summer he begged almost everyday for us to turn our sprinklers on, just so he could see them move back and forth and pop in and out of the ground. I don't know if this is normal, but i have compared him to my friends kids (who are all girls), and I thought maybe its just a boy thing.

Third, he loves watching spongebob on tv and refuses to watch anything else most of the time and will through a huge tantrum if he can't watch it when it is his tv time.

Is any of this just normal boy stuff ( i her all about little girls, cuz all of my friends have them and no boys!!!), or is this somthing  I should be concerned about. I have not brought any of this up to his doctor yet, maybe becuase I don't want to sound like an idiot if it really is nothing.

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sounds like an intelligent little man! my 4 year old draws sharks...its all about sharks! completely normal. i was a nanny for 10 years and ive seen this behaviour before. dont worry!
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My guess is,  this is what the current great concert lighting/stage specialists were like when they were 3,  also.  He will turn out to be some sort of engineer,  and a good one!

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I think that your son just has a really great imagination! Let him thrive with it. It can only get better from here. Maybe get him into some art classes or something to help him learn how to draw other objects and show him the endless things that he can learn. He sounds like an aspiring artist. Keep encouraging him for the better. He sounds like that he really enjoyed the concert with your mother so I would say to let him keep playing! As for the spongebob thing, you need to firm in your rules and if he can't follow them rules then he has to serve punishment like time out or something. If him watching spongebob isn't a big deal, then all you can do is monitor what he watches and make sure that you tell him what you approve of and what you don't. Good luck.
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Yes all normal... he sounds delightful, hes interested dont look for labels and problems just enjoy the way he is ,let him watch spongebob maybe reading him some stories would be good take his mind off TV ..definatly a boy thing .Good Luck
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