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Is this normal childhood experimentation?

My 10 year old son recently played "truth or dare" with his 7 year old sister. They touched each other's private areas, and she kissed his genitals briefly before they both grew uncomfortable and stopped. This is the only occasion on which this has happened. My son has also been diagnosed with ADHD. I've been looking on "normal childhood sexual behaviors" and I can't decide if this could be classified as normal. They both say it was consensual, and there has been no history of bullying.
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This behavior could be simple experimentation or it could be more than that.  Inappropriate sexual behavior is not associated with the ADHD criteria.  What you need to do is:

1.  Have a discussion with your kids regarding good touch/bad touch.  Ask them whether they were ever touched.  Also, stress the importance of respecting boundaries.

2.  Set limits.  Make sure that this behavior doesn't go undisciplined.

If this behavior reoccurs, it would be a good idea to have both kids evaluated by a mental health professional to rule out possible child sexual abuse.
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Ditto what Mark said but include good touch, bad touch and secret touch and talk to them without anyone present the first time. Secret touch covers any time they've been touched and told not to tell you, it's something my son's therapist did with him and we got some interesting answers. "bad touch" doesn't always work because molestation or sexual abuse doesn't always hurt and isn't always associated as "bad" in the child's mind.
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