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My 11 yr. old daughter is obessed with her step dad

My name is Brenda. I have a 11yrs. old daughter from a previous marriage. I met my fiance five years ago, my daughter and my fiance hit it off. They have always been close from playing sports to dinner and homework. Our daughter spends half of the week with her father and the rest of the week with me and her step dad. this has been been her schedule since me and her father divorced. When we do have our daughter we try to focus on her more with attention, for instance i would clean the house before she came home so I could spend more time with her. For the last month our daughter has been obsessed with her step dad. she will ask where he is constantly, when is he coming home etc. She doesnt want to spend time with other family members lately like she would have before. When shes at her fathers house she call and text what are we doing with an adult attitude, like she needs to know what is going when shes not with us. Ive have been nice with responses to her questions, but it keeps getting worse. I told her last weekend her dad was busy and he will  be home soon and she screamed at me why i wont tell where here dad is at? I feel as her mom she has all of her focus on her step dad and he is all that matters. she loves me and our family etc. It seems like she acting like my fiances girl friend very obsessive. I need advice. everything was great with all of us until recently.
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