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i need some help quickly, my son is 5 he will be 6 in december. he is currently in therapy, and it is believed that he has adhd, and some kind of mood disorder. he has been smearing his feces on the walls and in the carpet, what can i do to make him stop?
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What does his therapist say?  
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I wish I had answers, does the therapist have any suggestoins.  Also, did they suggest you see a child psychiatrist?  Does he do other things?
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It sounds like its more than just adhd and a mood disorder. It sounds like something mentaly. Good luck.
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ADHD means Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, It is actually quite common. Bsically means his attention is difficult to get, and keep. His mind cant stay still, constantly jumping from one thought to the next. Concentration will be a little more effert throughout most of school. Then there is the hyperactivity part.(For me this was the most difficult, and affected me the most). Now not only the mind cant stand still nether can the little guy.

Think of the most explosively energetically charged moment you have had. Excitment, anger, panic, no matter. One acts irrationally and retains little knowledge with little concern for others demanding attention for their cause. (at least i do)

Many have a hard time maintaining self control. For people like your son and myself its going to be a little more demanding.

looking back I have done some extremely embarrassing things for me and my family. I am 20 now in my second year of university and am happy. I have found ways to deal with my energy with lots of activity. LOTS!!  Its going to take some work, but your his mommy and you have more power to help than any stranger. Regardless of their credentials. My mom took me swimming, bike riding any activity. Now she didn't ALWAYS participate and less and less over time. Until I became aware of my condition and developed my own ways of coping.

I tried meds at about 10 and they changed me. They messed my head up! This is me and learning to focus all that energy (though quite difficult) has shown me much success.

i didnt mean to go off like that but I guess I have some feelings on the topic :)
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