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Seizure like movements

When my son gets excited he tenses his whole body, to the point that his body shakes. Most of the time his fists are clenched with his arms stretch out. Either that or he’ll clench his hands together. His mouth with pop open and get distorted. If he’s laying down he will arch his back. He has about 10 of these episodes a day, each lasting 15 min at average with him tending for a few seconds then releasing and repeating this over and over. Sometimes his eyes will roll up, not to the back of his head but it’s almost like he’s looking way up. He holds his breath and when he’s done he sighs like he’s relieved it’s over or like he’s tired from it. What is more concerning is he does it when there’s nothing exciting going on too. When he does it without stimuli it’s usually on his changing table or in the car. He’s now 2.5 and has been doing it for about 2 years. He’s also done it in his sleep, 2 times that we know about for sure. Those times he did it for about 10 min and when he woke he was hysterically crying. We brought it up to his ped about it a year ago and they evaluated him for autism. He passed with flying colors and no form is suspected. We also had a 3 day EEG done that showed normal brain activity during these episodes. My husband and I still worry that some sort of behavioral thing is going on. Looking for advice or guidance or personal experiences.
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Hi! Is your child normally developed- growth, weight, does he walk and talk?

It is highly unplausible, that the brain waves are normal during these episodes. It sounds to me as generalised clonical cramps as in epileptoid episode. It can't be a behavioural thing since it occures also during the sleep. Your child needs medical attention ASAP. You don't have time to loose (by that I mean in next 2 weeks you should make an appointment for him in neurological department). As you said during these episodes he doesn't breath (which is common for people having epileptoid seizures). No breathing means no or not enough oxygen for the developing brain of your child, which means inadvertent brain damage. Now if he has so many seizures a day, sooner than later there will be more mush than brain in hes skull (please forgive the rude expression). That is why time is brain and medical attention is needed as soon as possible. Good luck!
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