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Preschool Problems

My 3 year old is attending a preschool 5 days a week 9-12 and 9-2:30 M/W/F. A few months ago they sat me down and insinuated he might have autism (waving arms when excited, opening mouth) and brought in another teacher who's son has Asperger's. Well since then we've gone to 3 doctors who've all thought he's fine. I feel as though my son is now "labeled" at his school. I think the real problem lies with his teacher, who has never taught 2 and 3 year olds before. She is constantly sending him to time out and the director's office for not listening, yet his never gets conveyed to me (I hear it though my son). My son is not autistic and speaks very well. If anything he is a hyper 3  year old boy learning his boundaries. My questions is has anyone else ever delt with anything like this and should I move schools even though he has a couple friends there and overall the program is good (Spanish, PE, Art, Science, etc.).
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This does happen at some schools did you point out you had seen 3 Doctors ,I feel you should take him to another school as the attitude is not good towards him, sending him out on time out is not permissible for not listening , a lot of young children dont listen they very often store the infromation for later use. Those are long hours for a child of 23 to be away from their Mom is there any way you can cut back and be with him more. definatly fine another school with a better attitude towards childre,
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