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Sexual Experimentation

I has just been brought to my attention that my 9 year old daughter and her 7 year old friend having been kissing and touching each others private areas.  This is a friend that my daughter has known since the friend was born and began having playdates when the friend was 5.  This 7 yr old really looks up to my 9 year old daughter and a few weeks ago told her mom that my daughter is kissing her and then telling her to keep it a secret( her mom didn't tell me this). They had another playdate and they were caught kissing again.    This is not the first time my daughter has kissed another child..6 months ago I was informed she kissed her good friend who was a boy who is 7 years old.  Natually Im worried that someone has done something to my child, (as I am a victim of sexual abuse myself) and this is a big fear of mine. My daughter adamantly denys that noone, not even a family member  has touched her or hurt her in any way.   What I don't understand is why my 9 yr old is doing this and why she did it again after being reprimanded for kissing the boy. She clearly knew it was wrong and this time it went further than just kissing.  It has happened each time they have gotten together for playdates over the last 2 months.Her HX is::   Her father and I are divorced and have been since she is 2 and she has been witness to domestic violence.  She has been seeing a counselor over the past year.  Please help me understand what is going on and if this is normal behavior.
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Well I was 10 years old when I had my first boyfriend(who was 9) He wasn't the first boy I had kissed though. I may have been like 5 when that happened. BUT with my first boyfriend we kissed all the time. We never went as far as to actually touching each other I don't think. BUT we were boyfriend and girlfriend for like 8 months. I know WEIRD. LOL I would say the kissing is normal, the other stuff not so much. She could be seeing things on TV.
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Please, Do not encourage your daughter to kiss a sibling. Perhaps you should try teaching her the difference between two people deciding to kiss, and one person convincing another to kiss them (amongst other things) and why the first is a better, more rewarding option for both parties involved.
I'm not saying she meant to hurt anyone, I just think she could use some information.
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