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Speech delay or not

My son just turned 2 year old last month but the only words he can speak are mama and bye, the rest are just blabbering. He is a very talkative child as based on how he tries to communicate with us by blabbering and actions but when we try to teach him words like milk, eat, toy, etcetera he won't follow us. But he understands when we ask him to fetch something. Is this normal or should we worry? What's the average age for a toddler to start speaking?
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Each child develops at a different rate.  Some are early walkers and some early talkers.  

It is a good that he can hear and understands quite clearly.  
I don't think that you should worry about this, but as you are concerned, get him assessed.  Some children have tongue tie and may find it difficult to make the word sounds.  

Keep talking to him and point at objects and colours and tell him what they are.  Children also like to have a book read to them, so you can do that and point to the pictures and tell him what they are.  With repetition, he will slowly learn and will start to experiment with his words.  They also like to draw and scribble.  He is already communicating to you by his "blabbering".  

Because you are concerned about his development, make an appointment to have him assessed.
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Hi there.  I'd say he falls outside of normal for his verbal skills but it is great that he understands and can respond to what you say.  He can follow directions.  That's awesome and a good sign.  I would keep reading to him often, let him watch your mouth when you speak, etc.  There is a great cd that I had gotten on ebay called Speechercize that is mouth exercises to aid in speaking.  Worth getting and doing . ..   it's fun as it is made to keep young kids engaged.  And talk to your pediatrician about it.  He may qualify for the birth to three early intervention program that would provide a speech therapist to assess him and work with him to help speed up the process of his being able to articulate words.  good luck
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My son is exactly the same. understands everything but only has about 5 words. Im starting speech therapy next week and have put him into day care once a week so hell be around other kids who speak as he doesnt get much child interaction at the moment. Though honestly from the people i speak with its not uncommon at this age for boys. Does he have time aaround other kids and have you tested his hearing. Although my bubba understands everything he actually has fluid in his ears which makes it harder for him as well. :)
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Thank you for your replies. He'll be turning three this month but still couldn't utter more than 3 words. We have been talking to him and have him watch Sesame Street, Dora The Explorer and other cartoons that might help him talk but he still refused to speak clearly. He prefers to talk in his own language and make us understand by pointing to things or making us follow him. I have just set an appointment with a speech therapist to have him assessed.
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  thanks for the update.  I think the appointment with the speech therapist is a very important next step.  Keep us posted.
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