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does my 2yr. old have autism

My child is experiancing some major signs of anger he kicks me, bites himself, hits himself in the head as hard as he can, and bangs his head on the wall. When he is upset he will take off his diaper and urinate and deficate all over the place. If these are not signs of autism can you tell me how to stop this behavior. we have tried everything from no disipline to time outs. Thank you for your help.

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Have you tried to ignore the situation? He may be doing this to get attention. Try to turn his attention onto something else like playing a game or something. Try a reward sticker chart system for all of the good things he does and still continue with the time outs for the unwanted behavior. This could be just normal two year old behavior. Has he ever been diagnosed with autism? If you have great concern, then you need to take him to your pediatrician.
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No he hasent been diagnosed with autism. I will try your suggestions. thank you
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