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I babysit with a 5 year that is to smart for on good.   i think that he has some behavior issue if not more. he have his days that he will not eat lunch or dinner and refuse to take a nap or even stay in bed at night when put to bed.
Will  what am trying to ask is what you think? the other day he and little cousin got plating in playing in water hose in back yard they both got sent for nap time. will his mother and stepdad fell asleep themselfs and the mother of other little came home to find the 5 year and 2 year playing in her bathroom in tub water flooding every where the two year new he was in trouble and was in hall by the time she walk in the room. the five year was still in the bathroom splashing the water everwhere ask why he was doing it he i dont know. the five alway taking the two boy diaper off. try to play dr with my two girl. he very hard head kid. he always in trouble. what do think he has mental issues or what
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I can't imagine all the adults in the house - a couple - taking a "nap" as they say while they leave two preschoolers alone in the house and don't hear the bathtub overflowing.  

Is that what you're saying?  I really can't tell - there were at least two preschoolers left completely alone (sounds like three preschoolers actually) with no supervision?

Good thing they're all still alive.  I wouldn't label any of them having "mental issues",  but would consider calling CPS on parents who "nap" while children are running around playing doctor in the bathtub.
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I agree and why is a 5year old taking a nap ..what parents are sleeping whilst small children are left to play alone, sounds like the 5 year old is used for babysitting the 2 year old ..a dilemma but maybe you should speak up to the parents about your concerns ,.
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