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C1 sublaxation and/or soft-tissue strain?

Only possible "trauma" I can think of would be practicing guitar with a band for 6-7 hours with my head very craned over looking at my fretboard while sitting on a milk crate playing 15 minute jams at a time with little or no breaks. I know this sounds silly but I've read that extended hyperflexion can stretch ligaments and I'm wondering...maybe something is up with my C1. It took a few days to become sore but this band practice was the last week of March.

I was told very slight bulging at C4-5 as seen in the sagittal MRI. I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on anything out of the norm.



Beginning last week of March/first week of April 2009 and fully developed by June:

* Constant back of neck pain
* Constant shoulder (trapezius) pain
* Constant clavicle pain
* Slight burning sensation at bottom back of neck sometimes
* "Dry spot" in throat (most likely due to LPR/GERD ~> acid reflux)
* Sinus inflammation unresponsive to 21-day cycle of clindamycin and a short course of azithromycin--mostly maxillary, partial ethmoid/sphenoid with hypoplastic frontal
* Periorbital and eyebrow pain (again no frontal sinuses)
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