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Lower trapezius problem

Hello, I recently noticed after taking some photos of my back that my lower left trapezius is somehow underdeveloped. There seems to be just a hole compared to my right one, which looks completely normal. My upper traps look fine on both sides. I do not notice any lack of range of movement on my left side. I noticed that my left scapula is slightly elevated, but I assume it is because of the lack of the lower left trap which would pull it down and inside. I found a photo on the internet which is very similar to what my back looks like: http://www.specialistphysio.com/library/Atrophy%20of%20left%20lower%20trapezius.jpg

Could I have some anomalous trap insertion? Nerve problem (but I do not notice any lack of movement anywhere at all)? Or could it be just underdeveloped for some reason? Would exercising it with weights eventually balance it with the other side?

Thank you very much.

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