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Torticollis first, and now lower/mid back pain

I have been suffering from Torticollis for the past few weeks, I eventually visited a chiropractor and her treatment improved the pain and spasms for around 24 hours before coming back in full swing. I understand this is not something that can just be taken away in one session, however I'm having financial trouble and I don't have medical insurance (I'm from the UK, living in NY), so I wasn't able to sustain further appointments.

Sometimes my left arm feels like it's having circulation problems, right at the top of the arm around the armpit area. I instinctively get the urge to shake the arm and squeeze it in pulses. It's the same feeling as if I had something tied around it. Only happens on some days, however I'm certain it is connected to the torticollis problem.

The reason why I'm posting this right now is because over the past few weeks I've also had this other symptom that I didn't really associate with the torticollis. When I wake up in the morning, as I'm laying in bed, I have this dull pain that reminds me of kidney pain, however it's a little higher up the back, towards the middle/lower back. I also thought it might have been caused by digestive congestion. But again, the location of the pain doesn't really match up with that. I've been looking on google's body browser and the most accurate thing I can associate this with is the back muscle called Serratus Posterior Inferior.

Is it possible that this is connected with the torticollis, or does this sound like it's something else? Just to add to the mix, a lot of my joints crackle when I move (mainly shoulders)...
A traumatologist friend recommended to stay away from a chiropractor as he could cause more damage if his level isn't above average. He suggested (for the torticollis) to take Diacepan. But now these new symptoms are arising I'm wondering what to do and who to go to, considering I have limited medical options and need to make my choices wisely due to finances.

Many thanks
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In answer to your primary question, yes, the torticollis and sensations in your mid back could be related. But you need a capable and qualified DC to evaluate the cause of these symptoms.

If you're in the city, you might consider calling Dr Patrick Kerr. He specializes in neck issues such as these. Here's is address/contact info:

20 Park Ave
Suite # 1B
New York, NY 10016
Tel: 212-689-1303
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