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Wrist problem

While im here.....

For a while i have had recuring problem with my wrist.    Seems bo be brought on when i bend my wrist too far forwards.   The result is a pain in the top of my wrist, right in the middle of the joint.   When this happens it hurts to bent my wrist backwards.   There is a tender spot where the pain is, and when i press that spot there seems to be a small lump.

I asked a friend about it a while ago, who mentioned that it could be a small bone dislocating when i bend my wrist frowards, which then stops the wrist from bending backwards.

Any idea it this is the case?  

Cheers again.
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You have several small round bones within the wrist. Occasionally, it is possible for one of them to misalign and lose its regular joint motion. It may also be an inflammation within the carpal tunnel.

Warm wishes,
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