how do I increase my HDL

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With foods or omitting foods and what else?
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High-density lipoprotein (HDL) or Good cholesterol helps in removing extra fat from the blood and protect against heart problems. You can increase HDL levels by doing daily exercise, intaking less sugar, eat fiber fruits- prunes, apples, and pears.
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Thanks for sharing those tips!  We have a lot of forums that are happy for knowledge so please come back and share again.  I find it interesting pears are on the list, don't you?  
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  HDL or good cholesterol will increase as you want it to not only through diet but especially through exercise.  Getting active is number one on the list and losing weight is number two for how to improve your HDL number.  https://www.webmd.com/heart/how-to-boost-your-good-cholesterol.  They also recommend choose 'better' fats in your diet, drink alcohol sparingly and to stop smoking if you do.  Here is more about the exercise link between HDL and exercise.  https://www.webmd.com/cholesterol-management/features/exercise-to-lower-cholesterol#1  We wish you the best of health.
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