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High cholesterol

My total cholesterol is 236, ldl is 174 , HDL is 46 and triglycerides is 179. Dr. start Rosvin f. What is side effects of rosvin F. How to lowers cholesterol naturally.
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A very good 2-in-one medicine. Side effects are similar for both drugs combined in Rosvin F: muscle pain, muscle weakness, stomach upset, nausea, headache, and asthenia (general unexplained weakness). These are rare in trials and more common in patient reporting  due to a “nocebo” effect. The nocebo effect is part of why you’re asking about side effects: wholly understandable fear of possible if uncertain outcomes. I’m not a doc, but I would rest easy that you are getting good treatment. Self-monitor within reason and report any concerns to your doc. With your numbers, especially your ldl:hdl ratio and TGCs, you are receiving first-line preventive treatment. Add exercise if you’re not already doing some. You should cut your ldl in half in no time; staying the course is one of the best things you can do for your heart health and longevity! Serious side effects are very rare (<1:1000) and present with serious symptoms (not aches and pains but debilitating muscle soreness and fatigue along with telltale signs of kidney damage like very dark urine and fever). In other words, don’t worry much about side effects unless you experience them—a golden rule for medicine and daily CV meds especially. For the record, if your medicine was available in my country, I would switch to it from my statin.
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LDL comes in four basic forms: a big, fluffy form known as large LDL, and three increasingly dense forms known as medium, small, and very small LDL.

The LDL test does not distinguish if you have the small dense or large buoyant. To figure it out is easy though. High triglycerides and low HDL (good) cholesterol = small dense LDL.

“The small, dense LDL (sdLDL) subfraction is the subtype which is most strongly predictive of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular events.”

In other words, the strongest predictor of heart disease and heart attacks etc is small dense LDL.

“These results were in accordance with multiple studies that showed that consumption of a fat-rich diet (comprising of 45.5% energy), high amounts of saturated fatty acids (contributing to 18.4% energy), myristic acid (2.3% energy), and palmitic acid (9% energy) increased large LDL particle mass, compared to a low-fat diet (with 24.2% energy coming from fats).”

On analysing the size of the LDL particles and their effects on the human cardiovascular system, the major takeaway was to include optimal amounts of fat in the diet, sourced from whole foods and grains packed with macro and micronutrients. Falling for crash, “low-fat” diets might only contribute to a wider array of health risks.“

Harvard Reference
Froyen E. (2022). Heart health, fat consumption and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.
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Hey there!  Congrats, truly, on taking charge of your health. I know it's always something we wish we didn't have to do when we start new medication but better than a coronary event, right? Rosvin F is two drugs in one. The tablet is a combination of Rosuvastatin and Fenofibrate. As such, it lowers BOTH LDL or and triglycerides (which will bring down your total cholesterol). Exercise or any physical activity is supposed to help with HDL. Also factoring into the ratio. Lifestyle things along with medication can be very beneficial. Did they give you liver function testing prior to starting.

As to side effects, there is a good chance you won't have any. Otherwise, things like joint pain, headache, muscle pain, changes in diabetes if you are prediabetic, and they will continue to monitor your liver.

Natural ways of lowering cholesterol!  Yes, there are many!  I'm a fan. First, as mentioned for HDL to raise it, physical activity is key. Stop smoking or vaping if you do these to raise HDL. Lose weight. For LDL. Again, work to maintain a proper weight. Eat Healthy!!  Saturated fat is a no. This is red meat and full dairy products. Decrease or eliminate trans fats. Think processed foods. Think crackers and chips. Do eat heart healthy foods especially with Omega 3. That's like salmon, walnut, flax seed. Eat avocado. Increase soluable fiber. This can be done by eating beans, apples, pears. Something also to add, whey protein. QUIT  smoking or vaping. This causes a myriad of issues and is linked to high ldl cholesterol.  For triglycerides, alcohol is a big culprit. Also true . . . drinking alcohol raises blood pressure. Eat whole grains and avoid sugar.

Niacin (***  check with doctor first before taking!!) and B vitamins (okay to take on your own) are also said to help.

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