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Mild fever, fatigue, tingling in feet

Hi, I'm male 40, I've been suffering from from fatigue for about 2 months. I wake up tired, I yawn and my eyelids feel heavy. I also have a mild fever that goes on and off. I can feel good one day and think i'm recovering, then the next day I have this slught fever. I have tinglings/burn feeling in the feet that I feel more during the night. Sometimes the tingling is very light or goes away for a while, sometimes it's burning.
The doctor made me take blood tests, everything came normal except for Vitamin D which was excedeeingly low 7,9ng/mL. He prescribed me Vit D supplments, after 4 days I don't see much difference.
The vitamin D deficiency might explain the fatigue, but why do I have on and off fever and tingling in feet? And what caused the deficiency? I didn't change my diet and my habits. I know there was much less sunlight during the past months due to winter and that is normal to lose vitamin D in that period but I suspect there is an underlining cause.
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I'm sorry it's been rough. I understand. What is tricky is sorting out the underlying reasons. Glad you have had blood work. Give the Vitamin D some time. Changes in temperature can also happen due to stress. I hate to write things just off to that but it can impact things like you describe. Arthritis and autoimmune things can as well. I assume they checked for mono? And your thyroid?  

Psychological factors can be heavily present. A vicious cycle. Depressed mood or low mood/stress and anxiety lead to sleep issues and then sleep issues leads to further low mood, stress and anxiety. Once it gets going, it's like a freight train.

Are you under stress? Do you have any depression? Have you ever taken an SSRI?
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Yes I had a quite complete blood test with mono, thryroid, bacteria, heart markers and urine test. It all came normal which is good news except for th dramatically low Vitamin D.
I'm indeed under a lot of pressure and stress, I don't take any medication, however because of the fever I used essential oils and also infusions of Salvia officinalis. I only took a couple of times over a week. I later found out this plant can be quite toxic.
I just don't know what caused the vitamin D to fall. And why there's this tingling in the feet.  I also notice I have stomach churning.
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I wanted to add that I also feel frequent stomach rumblings. And towards the begining I had a strong fever for a day and a half and felt pain in my stomach.
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