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Has anyone ever healed completely from cirrhosis F4?

Has anyone ever healed completely from cirrhosis F4? Are there natural remedies to help with the healing? Male 32 just diagnosed with chronic Hep B and F4.
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I do understand all the lab report and it says f3  I think this means 3rd stage  and f4 is Cirrhosis. and i am is shock I did drink a fair amount beer however I quite 10 years ago any help would appreciated and can i reverse this or stop it where it is? thanks ahead of time
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See my answer to your other question.
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Hello Bemat and welcome to MedHelp!
Lynn is so great and has gain such a wealth of knowledge to offer, I really can't add any further advise but I can perhaps offer hope in telling you that I too have survived Alcoholic Cirrhosis F4 diagnosed 03/23/10 almost 11 years ago. Following the same guidelines Lynn mentioned above. I had to receive disability for 5 years as I worked on my recovery and today I have returned full time to my career and a normal life. Blood lab monitoring and a CT Scan annually, a preventive measure to monitor for development of HCC (liver Cancer).

It is a long journey and looking back It seems exhausting but at the time I was just doing what I needed to recovery the best I could. Learn all you can so you can better communicate your treatment with your doctors and understand what your next approach needs to be. Also Scroll back to the top of this thread and re-read what Lynn shared as it could help you tremendously!

All the best, Randy
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Aww shucks Randy I try’s my best but cannot replace our old friend and mentor Hector

Sending all my best to you
Thank you Randy.

I see there is a lot of scientific evidence on the beneficial effects of  silymarin, curcumin and reishi mushroom on liver cirrhosis. I was wondering if there is anyone here that may have tried these?

Thank you
There really isn’t much proof of either of those having any real effect it’s mostly anecdotal. At least not that I have encountered.

Liver cirrhosis is scar tissue, scars don’t heal.

The only real thing you can do is stop the cause of liver injury if you can and if overweight work to getting your weight to a more normal range along eating healthy and exercise if approved by your doctor.

Sadly, there is no magic cure for advanced liver disease they only thing you can do is hard work on your part fighting for your life.

Best of luck
All I found on those treatments you mentioned  were related to preventing cirrhosis by reducing inflammation in liver cells.

Once the liver cells are destroyed due to inflammation and have been converted to dead scar tissue there is no coming back from that
I logged in just to check on you Randy. Glad you're doing well.
Hello everyone,

Hope you all doing well.

I have been experiencing something I can describe as muscle twitches all over my body. It happens randomly and can last few seconds or keep on happening for several hours. Sometimes I can feel it even inside my head. When the twitch takes place in an obvious spot of the body you can even see it with your eyes. Neurologist said it’s probably cirrhosis related but couldn’t say anything more. Anyone has such experience or has heard of something similar?

Thank you
I would ask your liver specialist vs your neurologist. I believe this could be a symptom of very late liver failure but it that we’re the case you would have many more serious symptoms

“ What are the Causes of Muscle Twitching?

Muscle twitching occurs due to various reasons. Some of the lifestyle-related conditions that cause muscle twitching include:
Tiredness after a physical activity or exercise
Stress and anxiety
Irritation of the eyelids or the eyeball
Nutritional deficiency like calcium, magnesium and iron deficiency
Lack of adequate sleep
Metabolic disorders such as low potassium and high urea levels
As side-effects of drugs like diuretics, stimulants and estrogen

There are some serious illnesses, especially neurological conditions that may cause muscle twitching.

Amyotropic lateral sclerosis
Spinal muscular dystrophy
Myasthenia gravis
Isaac's syndrome (neuromyotonia)
Muscle wasting or weakness (myopathy)
Motor nerve damage
Kidney failure
Head or spinal cord injuries
Liver failure”
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If you can stop the cause of your liver injury and you just recently transitions to F4 cirrhosis it is possible with time your liver may have some small improvements.

For myself I had hep c for 37 years before it was finally cured 7 years ago with Harvoni. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis 13 years ago and I still have liver cirrhosis even though I no longer have hep c.

No one has ever fully healed from liver cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis is scar tissue if you have any old injuries that have left scars they will never fully go away. It’s the same for liver cirrhosis. The best you can hope for is to stop the progression and hope for some improvements with time. There are currently no effective treatments for advanced liver disease especially not herbal or natural.

What you can do is try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A heart smart diet is also a liver smart diet. So a healthy diet and getting some exercise is all you really can do. Also lose some weight if you are overweight as fatty liver can also cause liver damage.

Best of luck to you
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Thank you
Can someone live a normal life with cirrhosis?   Like function normally and hold a job, raise a family etc? For example sleeping during day and staying up during night doesn’t seem to help with having a normal job and being able to keep it actually... Thank you
I was diagnosed 13 years ago still working full time.

I was being followed closely because of having hepatitis c so my cirrhosis was detected early. I was having liver biopsies every 5 years going from F2 to F3 to F4 cirrhosis with each successive biopsy.

The only noticeable symptoms I’ve had is lower leg swelling (edema) other symptoms are from testing like low platelet count and I used to have a small  amount of ascities but that has since resolved since my hep c was cured.

The symptom your describing could be sleep reversal which could be a symptom of HE (hepatic  encephalopathy) About half of patients with cirrhosis may have mild HE. If it is HE you need to discuss this with your doctor. HE can be treated with Lactulose to help you function better. Just to add if you can’t work due to cirrhosis and especially if you have HE you could qualify for social security  disability. I’m assuming your in the US.

So the short answer is yes people can and do work and live full lives living with liver cirrhosis a lot depends on the severity of symptoms.

Other than that if you can stop the cause of liver damage and try to treat your liver well by avoiding alcohol, eating healthy, getting some exercise and trying to maintain a healthy weight. Also seeing your liver specialist and following their recommendations. Hopefully you are seeing a hepatologist associated with a liver transplant center. They are best able to follow patients with advanced liver disease like us.

Best of luck to you
Just to add I’ve always been a night owl and I was working on second shift which did seem to suit my natural schedule better. But that wasn’t because of liver disease I’ve always liked staying up late and sleeping late. I’ve never been a morning person
Does that mean that after F4 there is a rough 5 year life expectancy? It seems like there is nowhere else to go once someone is already F4 like me...? Thank you
I was diagnosed F4 in January 2008

I’m still here and doing fine my story is not unusual.

You don’t have an expiration date.

To help your self live longer see a hepatologist associated with a transplant center and follow their instructions. Try to eat healthy and get some exercise. Don’t take any medications your doctor dose not approve. Even over the counter and “natural”.

Cirrhosis is considered a chronic condition meaning it won’t go away. Liver cirrhosis means your liver is heavily scarred. Scars on or in the body don’t really heal. So the goal is to prevent or at least slow any additional scarring. But many people can live many many years with cirrhosis just like people can live with many other chronic conditions.

I hope this helps
Hello Lynn,

Thank you for all your answers and suggestions.

Why did your fibrosis progress to cirrhosis since your hep c was cured? Isn’t that the whole purpose of curing the cause? So it doesn’t cause any further damage?

Happy new year to you.
My timeline:
I probably got hep c in 1978.

I found out I had hep c in 1990.

I treated with interferon-based medicines three times between 1995 to 2003 but was a null responder

Having liver biopsies every five years each in having a higher fibrosis score

Diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in Jan 2008 on fourth liver biopsy.

Sovaldi and Olysio approved in 2014 2015 started 12 week treatment in March 2015

Relapsed Sept 2015

October 2015 Harvoni approved

Started Harvoni/Ribavirin (24 weeks) in Nov 2015

Finished treatment May 2016
Negative for hep c since December 2015

Hope that clears up my timeline. Basically I was diagnosed with cirrhosis seven years  before I was finally successfully treated and cured. Between 2005 and 2014 with no treatment available to me and a cirrhosis diagnosis hanging over my head I was kinda waiting to die from liver disease.

Harvoni saved my life
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