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Very Bad Cold lasting a very long time

My whole family has it now. Started with my teenage daughter and she has had it going on for 3 months.
She moved back into the house and each other one of my kids have been getting it one by one and my wife.
I was the last to get it. I am a smoker and it took sometime because of that I am guessing?
But it started with a slight ear ach when I woke up and slight sore throat. Went away quickly when I was up and around. Then the next day I could feel it getting in my lungs like the rest. Uncontrolable cough. No runny nose. No Fever or anything else. Just a cough. And it is painfull in the lungs. My daughter went to the ER and was told it is just a bad cold. Bad Hospital long story. But there was no relief there. And it is still going strong in her after three months. Now everyone has it.
I am starting to think it has to do with all the rain and or snow we are all getting. It may be a mold base type illness that attacks the lungs?
If anyone else is experincing this and found a treatment, please let me know. I live in Wisconsin.
It is just terrible. My wife has Lupus and I am worrying about her. I am worrying about my oldest daughter and my 5 other kids. the littlest had lost his Large intestine due to Hirchsprungs. And he goes down hill fast when sick.
Really scary stuff going around.
Would like to get an straight answer to what this is. And how to cure it.
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