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Bad Cold then Pain

A week and a half ago, I caught a cold.  after about 3-4 days, I'd lost my voice and at its current state, my voice is now back for the most part, but my throat is still a little scratchy.  This is probably expected.  Anyway, I was convinced that I was getting better, until...

A couple of days ago, I started feeling pain in my neck, this is on the right side, right where I can feel myself swallow.  Basically, it's a little bit inward where you'd feel your heartbeat, except probably the wrong side.  I forget exactly.  The pain hurts, but it's not completely unbearable.  Is this related to my cold and what can I do for it?  Could it be some sort of ear infection?  Seems too low for that.
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Sorry I didn't see an edit button.  I wanted to add that whatever phenomenon this is in my neck, it's causing excess saliva in my mouth, but mostly on the right side where the pain is.  I don't know if that helps or not.
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When I have had symptoms that you described, I have had a viral infection, which has been Strep Throat both times for me. I get pain in my neck when I get this, and it feels like you are getting a cold, but then it doesn't go away. Go to your doctor, or the hospital, chances are that you have a viral infection and need antibiotics. Keep up with the fluids, keep away from milk or ice cream, anything thick like that will get stuck in your throat with the phlegm. Good luck with your recovery!
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