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Dry Throat

Hello,  I
for the last 5 months i"ve been sick with a some type of throat infection at least twice a month . it started with a cold that turned into mild bronchitis followed by a nasty cough that lasted almost three weeks. I got another mild cold that only lasted about a week and a half following that i got my first real obvious sinus infection. I had swelling on the top of my head right above my forehead. the swelling lasted about 3 days and I had a headache on the same part of my head which was on my left side of the lower part of the back of my head and pain behind my eye. for about a week and a half. finally that went away 2 days after that I got another cold . I had a lot of congestion and stuffiness. that lasted 2 weeks. 2 days after that i got a sore throat that lasted 4 days.  I've gone to the doctor and told them all this . i was given penicillin for my sore throat this last one and Loratadine.  The doctor told me I might have allergies and the nasal drip was causing irritation in my throat. It has been a week since then. now i'm experiencing dryness in my throat and a few  days ago I started feeling dry throat sometimes but it would go away but now my throat is really dry and it bothers for 3 days now. It makes my voice kind of hoarse.. I've never been sick this much this often in my life.  i'm starting to get concerned that i might have a more serious problem . what should I do? please help
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Hi, chronic dryness of throat is called pharyngitis sicca or atrophic pharyngitis. it is often accompanied with the same condition of larynx (laryngitis sicca) Take a look at the others type of chronic pharyngitis for example hypertrophic. I went to many doctors and got tested for many things, but nothing was found. I went to very experienced ENT and was diagnosed  with chronic atrophic rhinopharyngitis. Also check out condition called pachyderma laryngis which is a contition caused by laryngitis sicca. It means that in the morning you wake up with the dry catarh and crust in your vocal cords. Note that laryngitis sicca or many other laryngeal disorders can be diagnosed only with fibroscopic laryngoscopy otherwise you cannot diagnoseed many laryngeal disorders properly. The thing is that you should get CT scan of your sinuses. I have absolutely no reflux issues. Atrophic pharygitis (or pharygitis sicca) is caused by very poor regeneration of pharynx epithelium after cold or other deseases and is underlied by genetic programming of your throat epithelium! any kind of chronic pharyngitis hypertrophic or atrophic )same stands for chronic laryngitis) is a cause of weak regeneration of epithelium. The issue is not too much mucus but, disrupted throat epithelium which disables the fast mucus down to your esophagus. disrupted epithelium catches mucus and doesnt let it down easily! Atrophic pharyngitis means dry mucus that is thick and not moving down fast but it´s stuck in throat instead. Try some spiritual methods for example chackra work or healing code by Alex Lloyd. look up the books in amazon which deals with selfhealing methods. this desease is very tough. No one in my family has idea how tough is chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis. Also get some quality aloe vera gel, but drink at least six bottles, also I probably try colostrum, at last medical help. I wish you Good luck.
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