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bronchitis! people who have wide knowlege please read and give advise!

hello to all,

my daughter(3 1/2 years old) suffered 3x bronchitis after each other(in september, october, november) and the last time(in november) she got also airways inffection(so her ears are affected). the ENT checked her that her one ear is blocked with mucose and the other is semi-blocked. she have special medication so that the mucose will be remove. last week of november the ENT checked her again and said that one ear is totally good and the other have lil bit of mucose. her medication is continous until the medicine will be finished. we will see the ENT in begining of 2008. last october, they examine her lungs(by x-ray) they saw only the bronchitis problem. prior to this she already suffered bronchitis which turned into pneumonia(january2007), from that time she started to use nebulizer. she have all the vaccination a child must have, but it seems that her immune system is not that strong. last week of november her pediatrician gave her vaccination against flu. i am thinking that maybe because she had allergies from 6 weeks old(cow milk and egg white allergy) now she is not allergy of those things anymore but instead she is allergy to nuts and chocolates. i stop breastfeeding her when she was 6 weeks,  is it the cause of low immune system? we have no hairy pet(dog,cats but we have fishes), our house is very clean(as everbody says that is is the most cleanest they ever saw!), i used special vacuum cleaner as well! i even don't allowed shoes inside! me and my husband are non-smokers. she have also hay fever(mild during spring),she is picky eater but she is eating enough vegetables and fruits. also she don't like fresh squeezed orange juice and carrots. she take vitamines everyday, she looks healthy from head to toes. why is it that she is always getting bronchitis? is it stays in her blood that goes on and off? what should i do? her pedia is very cooperative as well. any suggestions, people who have more knowledge about this, please talk... i read all about bronchitis but i am not sutisfied... help, thanks...
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everytime she have this infections, the pedia will prescribed anti-biotic and it works after couple of days.
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Stopping breastfeeding is not the reason for food allergies.

Many children get frequent viral infections, and it's not necessarily a bacterial infection.

Food allergies are not common.

You may consider getting a second opinion about these frequent infections, many physicians are less eager to prescribe antibiotics, and may be willing to watch the child for worsening.  It takes more work, but is better for the child.
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My 10 yr. old had the same problem from about 3 months old on, and she still gets it. In fact she is just getting over bronchitis. I've taken her to 5 or 6 different Dr's. andguess what...they all had different answers. My house is the same, but I do smoke...NOT AROUND my 2 children, but outside with a shirt over the shirt I'm wearing(yes, even in the summer), they say that keeps the smoke from getting on my children and thier clothes. Not sure if it works but they haven't been sick as much since I started doing that.
Enoch Choi is very right...you need to get a second opinion, or 3 for that matter. I will say this much...if she keeps getting the bronchitis and you see a Dr. that won't give any anti biotics; go to one that will. My baby got put in the hospital because a Dr. told me that they don't give anti biotics for bronchitis anymore. Them babies do need anti biotics, thier amune system isn't strong enough  yet to fight these infections.
I'm sorry if I'm not much help but I have been there and it is very frustrating.
Good Luck, I hope you find the answers you need soon, I'm still searching and she's 10.
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thanks! i'll bring her to other pedia and see what's up with her.
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thanks and i'll do what you said.
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let us know what the other pedia says....
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As a person who has  had bronchitis since 3 months old,and m now 62, use steam vapors, either hot or cold will help loosen the bronchial phlegm and keep the baby coughing. You do not want to supress the cough as it needs to get out of the lungs or it turns to pneumonia. My dr. never prescribed anything for the bronchitis as it is not bacterial but viral in nature.
Just be prepared, it doesn't go away. I still get it twice a year.But other than that I'm very healthy and strong.
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