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how long do flus last?

So how long does a stomach flu/virus usually last? because I've been feeling sick since Friday and it is now Tuesday. I threw up for about 2 days and had diarrhea which just stopped today. I feel incredible weak and hungry but i dont know what to eat. I havent thrown up since sunday morning (at 4am.. not fun) thankfully. But I still feel sick anddizzy and lightheaded and weak. My stomach/sides are sore. I've had a headache for weeks. Altho I think it might be because of my wisdom teeth coming in. I want to eat, but I don;t know which foods would be okay to have so i can slowly get back into eating normally. even tho i never eat normally. If I don't feel good in a couple of days, should I go to the doctor? ( I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday... so hopefully I will feel better by then).. I
m just a mess. and i feel sick and im trying to study for exams. this pain is really painful and I can't even sit or stand without feeling sick. maybe i should lay down...
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You may be dehydrated.  You need to be drinking water, juices, 7 ups, sprites, gatorade, etc.   Try that.  Dehydration will cause a headache and dizziness.  Hang in there.  Just drink, drink drink,
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what you need is  good long rest. you sound like you could have a fever and a tummy bug. the tummy bug usually goes within 2 weeks and it can be passed from one person to the next. you need to drink more fluids and rest alot more. to help with the pain clean and tidy your house and do odd jobs around it like doing the washing. then you wont feel so stressed out and worried about what you have to do. take a warm relaxing bath with bath salts and bubbles, also listen to some calm relaxing and quiet music while you are in the bath. then put a bowl on your bedroom windowsill or bedside table. put into it some scented oils and lavender or rose. make your bedroom as dark as possible then get into bed and take a painkiller if you are over sixteen such as anadin or anadin extra. if not then take paracetomol with codine. if it does not go within the next few days then go to see your doctor. i hope you get better soon. good luck on the exams.
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