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How long does it take for arteries to block?

About 3 months ago, I had a bad (what was presumed to be) a panic attack. I had shortness of breath, chest pains, palpitations etc. For weeks until I got tested. All of my tests came back normal and after that they all went away.

Now, 3 months later they're back and the chest pain is really bad and its in my back too. Could my arteries have clogged causing this pain in those 3 months?
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No, arteries do not clog up in 3 months.

I think that the most probable explanation is:
3 months ago you were reassured that you are fine after all tests came back normal. The symptoms disappeared fully.
Now you are not so sure anymore and you start to think that there still might be something wrong with you. This stress causes the symptoms to appear again.

To be sure though and/or to discuss this problem, I would recommend that you see your GP and tell him your symptoms but also your worries. If it is stress that you are dealing with, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Talk it through with your GP. He/she will advice you which steps are to be taken.

Good luck and best wishes for 2017!
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