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Hello, im 16 year old male, and i think my knees a huge!! i hate wearing shorts, as it makes me look bad!! when i stand up straight both inside parts of my knees basically touch each other, they look horrid, im not one for worry but this year im going on two holidays with friends!! i dont know what to do about it, is this a problem or will i out grow it?

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You do not mention if your knees are large and bony.
OR large from FAT.

There is a different solution for either problem.

If your knees are large and bony... then you need to start working out and develop your thigh muscles, large, well developed thigh muscles, anchored to your knees, with well developed calves below will solve the knee issue.  They will LOOK excellent too.

If you have a fat bulge on the inside of your knees and the rest of your knees are fatty, while the rest of your is thin or thinner... then probably liposuction is the only way you will ever lose that bulge.  There are some new techniques using injections called lipodissolve or something close to that... its a procedure developed in Israel.  The injections cause the fat to dissolve, it is carried to the liver and disposed of, at least that is what they advertise. There are also some radio frequency techniques being used to shrink fat cells.  Be aware that if you have liposuction, fluid is injected into your fat deposits, this causes swelling, this swelling does NOT go away fast.  So, you could not have liposuction and expect to have non bulging knees by this summer.

You have to decide which of these problems apply to you... If it is a fat issue, maybe the lippodissolve or radio frequency treatments would work in time for summer.  You would have to research, I suggest looking on the American Board of Plastic Surgery to see what they say about the various procedures.

If you cannot afford these procedures, I suggest you do two things.  

Begin a workout program targeting your legs, search the net for best exercises.  AND

Start looking now for long, surfer type shorts that hang well below the knee, they are very popular in California with most young males.  Swim suits have been out for awhile now, if you wait very long you will not be able to find what suits you.  

If you cannot fix a problem, disguise it.

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im a girl and 17, i have large (bone) knees. I have very low confident because of that, i always wear baggy jeans just to not show my big knees. I wonder if i can do a surgery to remove kneebone from the "inner thigh" side? Or can i do a knee replacement to replace the big knee to a small one?
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i live in europe by the way! Sorry for my bad english
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Be happy with your big knees. So many people can't do the things they want to do because their knees get injured. When you are 50 like me, your knees will still be working while so many other people's knees have started to give out. The last thing you should do is to try to remove bone from your knees.
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im 23 and my knees are so big (knee bones) i cant wear leggings or shorts because of this, my self esteem is very low..if there is anything i can do about please help!!
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