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I had a breast augmentation like 6 months ago. one of my boobs is numb still. i still cant feel the nipple or around it. it is so numb that it is just irritating to touch. the dr. says give it a year after surgery. but it could be a life long thing i'm stuck with. Anyone else ever had this problem?
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I had breast augmentation 15 years ago and my left breast is still numb on one side.  Touching it is like touching someone else, it's creepy because I can't feel it.  The nipple feeling came back after awhile but not very much. I do not like for it to be touched at all. My husband has just learned to stay away from that one!  I would give anything to go back to the way I was before.
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I'm glad to hear that! It's still pretty new to us so my husband is still kind of learning which one he can and can't touch! This is so aggravating. You are right, it feels like touching someone else's. The nipple is numb but if i pinch it or something it hurts really bad because of that numb feeling. I cant believe you still have that problem after 15 years! I guess it was just a chance we took!
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My nipple was numb on my right side for many months after, but the feeling came back. I have had 6 surgeries to fix CC and size issues, and everytime they went numb the feeling always came back.

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how long did it take to come back?
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1-2 months
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I know this is a really old comment thread but I just found it. I am now 6 1/2 months post-op (breast augmentation, submuscular, crease insertion) and both of my breasts are completely numb. Not just nipples, the WHOLE breast, and COMPLETELY numb. I was not warned of this being a possibility whatsoever, even for one day post-op. Please anyone reading this, consider the potential consequences of getting a breast augmentation. This is the worst thing I have ever done to myself and I regret the day I ever thought a breast augmentation would raise my self-esteem or give me more self-confidence. It has made me feel as though my body has been permanently mutilated. I highly doubt the feeling will ever come back, so I am now left with two numb lumps on my chest. I have become a shadow of what I was before. Breast augmentations are NOT worth it. Please don't have the same thing done to your body that has been done to mine.
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