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Redo of TUBA Breast Augmentation


In Dec 07, I had TUBA breast augmentation, I went from a 34 A to 34 D.  I did not want to be a D cup.  Before the doc put me under I said not to big, don't want to be a D.  When I awoke I asked the nurse the CCs used and they were int eh 400's and I started to cry.

I tried to like them.  I am becoming more and more self conscious.  I am seen as the boob girl, and that is not what I want.  I don't want boob envy, I want to look proportionate.  It is hard to get close to fit.  I wear minimizer bras that kill me.  What are the options on redoing a TUBA, will I really mess up my boobs.  I feel terrible fat with such large breasts and cloths are not made for them.  

Looking forward to your answer.  Do you think the doc will eat some of the costs?  

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I think the doc should take care of the cost since he didnt do as you
asked but good luck getting him to do so!  I have had my implants
for 20 years and now one has ruptured so I am having them removed.
I can only imagine how much that is going to cost me!  I wish you
the best,

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If you put it in writing about the size, you will have an excellent chance of getting this redone.  If you did NOT put it in writing.. you may have a tougher time.  

Did you see if the Doctor made a note in his records when you mentioned size?

If he did, then you will have a much easier time getting a revision... Doctors cannot easily change their records, if the records are subpoened, a change will show up.

Do you really want this Doctor working on you again?  Pissed off that he is having to redo?  Something to consider.  If you do not trust the Doctor, it might be very hard for you to let him work on you again.  

Unfortunately, it may be your only choice, lots of Doctors will not do revisions of other Doctors work.

Also, it is unlikely that you will get it done completetly for free, always ask of course, but at the very least, you will probably have to pay operating room costs, anestheia, etc... BUT ALWAYS ASK for it to be done for free.

If you have not talked to your Doctor in person, I would try to do so.  If he/she is non responsive to your concerns (don't be shocked if you encounter hostility... these people have to have enormous egos to do what they do).  They don't like it when people are unhappy with what they have done.  

I once had a Doctor tell me he could do anything he wanted once I was under and out.  THAT is a very scary attitude and I did NOT have surgery with that Doctor.

At this point, you should go on the net and spend 25 bucks and get a report on how many times this Doctor has been sued, be careful what outfit you select, so you get a thorough report.  Also check with your State Board and see what his record is there.

If he has a history of unhappy patients, then you have some information to work with... obviously this kind of information is better to know ahead of time... you probably would avoid a Doctor with a problem history.

However, since you are where you are now... check his/her history.  Talk to the Doctor, or if you find that difficult initially, write a letter.  

Be very careful what you put in writing however, perhaps the first letter should be that you would like to talk to him about your implants since they are much larger than you wanted and you are extremely uncomfortable with the size, with the attention they draw, with your difficulty in getting properly fitting clothes.

Do not attack the Doctor, address the fact that the implants are larger than requested and disproportionate to your body.

You will get a letter back or perhaps a call from his office inviting you to come in and talk.  If you get neither, then you are probably down to having to pay an attorney to write a letter for you.  A letter should not be to awfully expensive, as long as you are NOT filing a lawsuit.  A letter from an attorney, one specializing in Mal-Practice is a good idea.  Don't get roped into signing anything that commits you to a lawsuit, what you want is a letter to your Doctor, regarding your unhappiness with your results.  See what happens then, Doctors get sued all the time, that is why they carry insurance...

All you want is to have the situation corrected.

I had my implants, explants, lifts 20 to 30 years ago... I was not always happy with what I had to go through due to the surgeries, but my Doctors never ignored my concerns and the revisions were handled fairly.  

I do not know what state you are in, or what your Doctors qualifications were.  But you should take some time and gather your information, write that letter (get someone who is good and tactful to help you, if you need to), take some action now.

Your breasts will NOT get smaller... you may have some residual swelling at  this point, since it takes about a year for your body to resolve any surgery.  But if you are NOT happy now, if you were UNHAPPY the moment you found out how large an implant you received, you need to start taking steps now to see if you can get this fixed at the least cost to yourself as possible.  Waiting will only push you into a position where you cannot sue the Doctor if necessary, because your time to do so has run out.

I wish you luck... I am 5' 11", have always been a D cup, as I have aged I am a D Cup plus and I don't like it... I am planning on a reduction and lift, if the Doctor I had before has not retired, I would use him again.  If I need to find another Doctor I will look for a American Board of Plastic Surgery Certified WOMAN Doctor, who has lots of experience in doing breasts.  (You want your Doctor to be from the largest Plastic Surgery Certification outfit you can get.  You want your Doctor to have graduated in the top half of his class)

You need to do some research.  Doctors specialize in all kinds of things, it is not that they don't DO other surgeries, they will generally do anything anyone is willing to pay them for and they advertise that they do everything... but it is well known in the medical communities which Doctors specialize in what areas... that is why Doctors send their wives to one Doctor over another... they KNOW who is doing the best and the most.  Experience counts. AND Being able to TRUST your doctor is paramount.  Obviously, you cannot trust this Doctor.  If he won't fix it, you need to sue him...

In California Small Claims Court goes to 5,000... don't know what it goes to in your area or if that sort of thing can be handled in small claims in your state or county... (You want a woman judge).  

In small claims, a Doctor will have to SHOW up in court himself.... if he doesn't show up HIMSELF, you will win your judgement... (do you have pre surgery and post surgery pictures of yourself) then you can have your revision done by another Doctor (hopefully one you have checked out thoroughly).  

The net is an excellent source of informaion on Doctors... People can post their Doctor Gripes with impunity... There is one woman here in California who has created an entire website to attack the Doctor who did her facial work... she has been attacking him for years... he has sued her over it without success.  The ruling has basically been that because he advertises and also teaches other doctors that he is not a protected target and she is not slandering him.

I would not go this route unless I found no other recourse... I would try a small claims or a lawsuit first.  Mal-Practice Lawyers usually work on a portion of the settlement.  A settlement is better than nothing.  Of course, once you have taken an aggressive action against a Doctor, it is difficult to get another one to risk fixing your problem... because they don't want to get sued either.  Tough nut to crack... Try communicating with him first and see what happens.  Good luck.
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