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pro bono cosmetic surgery

i am a 25 year old single mom of four children. i have just had my tubes tied and want so bad to be proud of my appearance. i dont have the income to pay for a tummy tuck and was looking to see if there were any doctors that would do any pro bono work for low income people.

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single 42 old mother ,with boy boobs I have problems finding a 32 a bra that fits cant buy dresses or alot of shirts that hid that i dont have breast  i wear alot of sweaters to cover up , worn a bathing suit twice and never agian, i live in b.c where i found out the medical will pay for a reduction but looks at my situation as a cosmetic proceedure,  but they dont  consider this as a phyical thing, i have never felt like a woman not able and wont wear alot of things avioded swimming, formal affairs, outings wear i cant dress other than putting a sweater over myself to avoid attention around my boy boobs. people have commented on my "raisins on a bread board" i laugh it off but later have my little cry and then aviod going out to put my self in that situation again i weigh 95lbs, when i gave birth i was blessed by the boobie fairy with a 32b and was only allowed to keep them till "midnight" and they were returned. I would have bought my own but i chose to raise my girls and put the money towards there needs. Is there anyone out there that is going through the same thing or is there a dr other than on tv  that helps if soo plllllllease let me know
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I am 29 years old woman who lost over 140 lbs. I find it not only confusing, but also extremely frustrating that a breast-reduction and lift is medically covered because it is considered a health problem (which it is I agree, it's bad for the back) but a thigh lift is not covered. I have so much excess skin on my thighs that I cannot wear shorts or a skirt in summer because the skin chafes so bad I end up with open sores on my inner thighs. I also have very bad knees that swell and ache from the weight of the skin. I've also developed extremely bad vericous veins in my legs which my family Doctor agrees is most likely caused by the excess weight from the skin on my thighs. With all of these medical complications that I've had, can anyone tell me why a breast-reduction is covered and other much-needed surgeries are still considered cosmetic?? Thanks Jen
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I am a 35 yr old who has worked out continuously. I have never had a problem with my body or getting in shape until 3 yrs ago. I decided recently to go to some cosmetic surgeons for advice and why I can't get rid of my belly. I was told that I have a pouch in my stomach that has formed a lining around it and that I will never be able to get rid of it no matter what I try.

The only way to get rid of it is with a mini tummy tuck. I was quoted $3800 for the procedure, this includes pre-op, and all the costs involved with the surgery and post op. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the money for the procedure or anyone who would fund this for me... HELP VERY DEPRESSED OVER THE OUTCOME :{
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I struggle with this everyday, when will I ever have the $$$$ for a boob job instead of wasting money of fake inserts, I don't want to feel like a boy anymore!!! I was a A cup growing up and then I had 3 boys and breast fed 2 of them, leaving me with literally nothing but nipples and I'm sick of it... how different my life would be and how much more confident I would feel, sad when a little bit of fat would make all the difference :(
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Hi!  I've heard that if you've ever served in the military, you can get any sort of plastic surgery done free as long as it's at a VA hospital.

I have always had a huge stomach and no amount of stomach crunches or strict dieting put a dent in it.  At one point in my life, I weighed 103 pounds and I still was embarrassed put a swimsuit on because my abs stuck out and were flabby.  I ended up getting lipo last year, and it has helped a lot.  I still have a little bit that sticks out, but nothing like it was.

I was going to save up for it by putting 40 dollars a week into a savings account but my husband took out a line of credit at the bank to buy some land and suggested we take out a little extra and pay for it that way.  The amount we have to pay on it each month for the lipo adds up to about 5 dollars.

Also, if you go to a plastic surgeon for a consult, they usually have their own financing plans.  I didn't really explore that option but you may want to look into it to see if there's anything reasonable.
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