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Concerned I may have something chronic

Over a week ago I was admitted to the ER with horrible pains in my pelvic region, and there was blood in the bottom of my toilet, about three times as I was up with diarrhea. Each time I'd say the blood took up the space and shape of a teaspoon on the toilet floor. I had chills and was weak, near to passing out. THey had to pile 50 blankets on me. The bloodwork all came back fine except for one slightly elevated WBC count. I don't have it in front of me but I think they were neutrophils. The CT scan results said all my organs looked good, but for colon they said "consider inflammation/infection in colon, rather than ischemia."  The ER doc called it "focal point colitis" in the upper left quadrant.

The first time I experienced pain there was around age 39 or 40. I didn't know what to call it at the time, but now that the ER doc used the word "dilating" I guess that fits.  At 40 I had an colonoscopy done because my dad had colon cancer at age 49 ( which he only recently told me was really small bowel family is so confusing!). The results were great. Clean as a whistle.  Oh, and shortly before this, in my late 30s I believe, I was also in the ER for abdominal pain and I had the same burning pain sensation in the pelvis that I just recently experienced this past week.

Also, back in November 2015, I drank a Cuban coffee which appeared to set off massive diarrhea that lasted 5-6 weeks. It appeared to stop when I took a hyomax for IBS, but I'm wondering if that was coincidence.  After the diarrhea was slowing, it took time for my stools to be a normal width. They were thin, and I could almost feel swelling in the rear which I suspected was the reason for thin stools.

My GI doc has written me up in the past as having IBS, and this time around when I explained what happened,  he said I had infectious colitis.  Weeks before, I was having pains in my gut, and earlier this fall, I had redness and soreness in the very corners of my lips. I just notice white patches on my tongue this morning, but I also have GERD which has been acting up and I taste acid in my mouth, so the tongue issue could be from that.

When I saw my GI doc earlier this fall, I had also had soreness in the corners of my mouth for a week, and a tingling tongue. He said this could all be from a virus, or acid.

Right now I have solid stools and they are getting gradually wider but it's taking awhile to achieve normal bulk and size.

With all the little things happening, I'm wondering if this is more than IBS. My current GI doc said my 2015 colonoscopy looked great. As I think back, I've had a tiny stabbing pain on and off in my left side. If something IN my colon was causing that, i would have hoped he'd have found it. Still, I can't help thinking...

Anyway, I have an appointment with another gastroenterologist Jan 2nd for a second opinion. He comes recommended as someone who is up to date on everything, and my current GI doc gives minimal feedback.

I'm now 47. Does any of this sound like it could be IBD? Can Crohn's come on that slowly over time? Mom says her half sister ( deceased long ago, same mom but different dad), had colitis, but she couldn't say how often the spells happened. Mom only said that her family fought a lot. They presumed stress was causing it. Her sister never talked about the episodes.

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Hi, it's me again. Just to add, I have not lost any weight during any of my intestinal issues. And I'd like to know if other than a colonoscopy, what tests should i ask about that could be more definitive? Biopsies? I have heard there are certain blood tests that can be indicative.

Thanks again.
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P.P.S.  The 2015 colonoscopy I had was in March. The bout of diarrhea I had for 5-6 weeks was later that year in November.
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