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Crohns Disease, Abscess, Fistulas

History - 46 year old female, Diagnosed with Crohns Disease 07/2007. I have had 6 surgeries for drainage of abscesses and fistulas. I am currently on Remicade maintenance 300 mg every 8 wks. I was hospitalized 3 1/2 weeks ago for what I new was another abcess brewing. MRI revealed (8 mm abscess - they chose to treat with antibiotics and not drain, I opted to go home, after the 3 day stay. I was hospitalized again for three days this past week for the same thing...rectal pain, nausea, low grade fever, MRI now revealed (2) 8 mm abscesses. Again, I am home on antibiotics, prednisone, nausea meds, rowasa enemas. I have had (3) colonoscopies over the past 3 years, all removing a polyp of some sort only one identified as adenoma with dysplasia.
Question: Are there any other alternatives to make all of this stop. I am in the hospital several times a year and it is ruining my life and my job of 10 years. My Doctor just keeps telling me "this is Crohns Disease" and unfortunatelty I cant cure it, and that I need to embrase the good days. I just cant believe this is it for the rest of my life. What can be done for me to stop getting the abcesses? Any thoughts or ideas would be welcomed as I am two steps to slitting my wrist.
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I know to some degree what you are going through. I was diagnosed with Crohn's 3 months ago. I never knew that was what caused my fissures, resulting abscess and fistula- these symptoms are what tipped my Dr.s off. I have only dealt with one abscess and currently I have one open draining fistula. I am going to begin Remicade next month in an attempt to close my fistula, w/o doing surgery. I have some reservations because this very med that can *help* heal fistulas, can also lower your immune system even more and make you prone to infections and more abscesses. Were you aware of these risks before starting Remicade? If your Dr. believes this could be contributing, you probably should discontinue this method of treatment or at least bring this concern to his attention. I have a very hard time knowing that I could have more abscesses in the future. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the beast, known as Crohn's and your Dr. is correct in that there is no cure, which I am sure we both are WELL aware of.

I have had days where  I do not want out of bed, and some days are the worst.. I am brought to tears and I feel like life is not worth living because I feel so bad. My mental state and mood have a lot to do with how extreme my symptoms are, so I have been seeing a Pain management therapist who specializes in Chronic diseases. It has helped me to cope with my diagnosis and find bright spots in life once again.

I know this is probably not much of a help but, know there are others out there like you. I have comfort in that small fact. It is tough, to the extreme sometimes, but I feel confident for the future. I do hope you are able to get to remission, that is my hope. Best wishes.
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