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Flare ups

I am a very concerned friend of a person with crohn's.  I was wondering if anyone has ever noticed a connection between drug usage and the disease.  Someone mentioned that they had flare ups after using drugs.  There are a few other people that I think may have a connection between drug use and crohns. Please give me your thoughts on the subject.
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Listen, I am someone who has had Crohn's for 2 years. I can tell you that this disease is very finacky and every person with the disease has to find what works for them. If your friend has the disease and is doing drugs that is not a good sign. I mean what kind of drugs are we talking here? Illegal drugs? Listen to what I say very careful, when a person does drugs it makes their body do strange and uncommon things. When this person is on these substances it could be causing some sort of inflammation leading to a flare up. Personally I dont think anyone should be using drugs but especially someone with an autoimmune disease leading your body to attack itself. HELLO!!!!!
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I've had crohn's for 18 years.  I think this will depend on the type of drug(s) he/she is doing.  To be very honest with you, during my college days, I often smoked weed.  I never felt better!  My dr even told me that it can help with the pain, nausea and lack of appetite.  So, I'm going to be one who says that not ALL illegal drugs are bad for you, some can actually be beneficial.
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I had done quite a few drugs when I was younger.  I do believe when I was doing cociane and drinking a lot it wasn't a help.  I didn't smoke weed that much only in the begining and sometimes I wonder if it would be worth trying to find some just to help my stomach to calm down.  So I'd say drinking and the heavy hitting drugs would be something to stay away from.  I also think if I quite smoking I'd feel better also  Sorry about the spelling....
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I've had crohn's for 8 years, and got into party drugs quite heavily about 3 years ago. There was about a year I was up and down, but kept partying until I basically broke. I moved to another country to find stability away from party drugs, and have been completely clean for a year now. I am so sick! I was very severe when diagnosed, and then had barely any symptons for 6 years. But after a year of cleaning up my body, and looking after myself, I still can't hold down a job. I'm permanently ailing, as arthritis is my main sympton. Weed on the other hand, I dabbled in a few years before I started the party drugs, and although never affected me physically, did so emotionally. And those suffering from crohn's are quite likely to suffer depression at some point of their lives. So i would recommend getting your mate off all the drugs. I'm only 20, and I severely regret my choices. (Quiting smoking is a definite cause of flare up! strangely enough)
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