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Humira while pregnant

My daughter-in-law has been on Humira for her Crohn's now for about 6 mos., and is doing very well on it.  Today she talked to her Dr., as her and my son are wanting to get pregnant, and the Dr. had told her that if she were to get pregnant, she should stay on the Humira during the entire pregnancy.  Has anyone else been on Humira while pregnant, and if so, any complications with yourself or the baby?  Thanks!
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If i were you i would check out the abbott laboratories web site.They are the makers of humira, Also a second opinion by a gyno. would be worthwhile too. I would not trust just one opinion, thats for sure.
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Thanks for the tip.  I did check on the side effects of Humira, and the "cautions", but it really doesn't say much.  I know that my son and daughter-in-law will seek another opinion, and gather as much info as they can.  It sure isn't a decision to be taken lightly.
Thanks for your reply, and have a good day!
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I am 8 weeks pregnant, and I have had tons of questions about what is safe during pregnancy.  One thing I will tell you:  my GI gave me COMPLETELY wrong info.  My OB about fell out when I told him what he said to me.  Hopefully, your daughter has a very good OB/GYN like I do. He will go and look up an answer if he does not know.  I have since started seeing a new GI and he and my OB are on the same page.  They share info and I can call either of them any time I have questions or concerns.  Doctors are called specialists because they specialize in one field.  I don't know about your daughter-in-law, but my GI was well in to his 60's and he seemed to have VERY outdated info.  He did not know very much about the way a woman's body works, and especially a pregnant woman's body.  Take the advice above and make sure she schedules a Pre-pregnancy counseling session with her gyno and her husband.  that's what we did, and he told us exactly what we needed to do and what medicines to avoid.  Good luck!
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Thanks for your post, and congratulations on your pregnancy!  She has had a pre-pregnancy counseling session with her GI, and the Dr. just said that she can't go off the Humira if she does get pregnant, because then she can't go back on it?  Her cousin works with some Drs. in Rochester, and she said they wouldn't necessarily agree with that, and her cousin had mentioned some new drug for Crohn's that they think is better and safer than Humira, but my daughter-in-law can't remember what it's called.  She has an appt. with her OB Dr., and is going to see what she says, too.  You're right about some Drs. not being to up to date on treatments.  The sad thing is, sometimes you can ask 5 Drs., and get 5 different answers!  I know that she'll gather all the info she can get, and that they won't do anything that would put her or the baby in jeopardy.  I'd love to have a grandchild, but not at the expense of her health.  There are so many beautiful children that would love to have a good home, so I told them they can always adopt, too.
Congratulations again!
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Thank you!  We are very excited.  We're nervous, too, of course.  Plenty of "healthy" women have complications, so I'm worried that I'm at greater risk.  Everything is going great so far.  My GI has told me that there are meds that are "relatively safe" during pregnancy, but I can't remember those, either.  I'm hoping to not have to go there.  I've been lucky because I have been able to be off my maintenance drug (Immuran) for almost two years.  I would always love to adopt, and we still might.  It will all depend on the future of this pregnancy.  It can be frustrating to get so many opinions.  I really feel good about my OB and my new GI.  I trust them, and I did not trust my old GI.  I guess that's my best advice:  tell her to go with her gut feeling and listen to who she trusts the most.  Sometimes, you get too many cooks in the kitchen and it only makes things worse.  Let us know what happens!
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I'm sure your pregnancy will go fine.  That's good that you've been able to be off your meds for 2 years, and that you have faith in your Drs.  That's so important.  Katie has pretty much taken the regular drugs for Crohn's, but when they quit working, her Dr. put her on Humira.  She seems to be doing well on it.  Her sister and brother also have Crohn's, and her sister just went on Humira, too, and it seems to be working well for her, too.
I will keep you posted, and I pray that your pregnancy is worry free!  I always loved being pregnant, after the first 7 mos. of throwing up day and night!  I never had to worry about weight gain, that's for sure, but I'd have rather gained the weight so my nutrition for my kids would have been better while in the womb.
You will have a beautiful, healthy baby!
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Thank you for all your kind words!  Everything is going great so far.  I'm used to being nauseated, so I think I can count that as a plus!  Who knew Crohn's would be good for getting you used to pregnancy?!  : )  I hope that Katie gets to experience this, in a healthy happy pregnancy.  And, if not, I hope that God will bless them with someone else's child that needs their love.  There are so many... I will keep you posted on my progress, and please keep me posted on Katie's.  Odd that all three children have Crohn's.  I haven't heard that before...
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I'm glad that everything is going good with your pregnancy.  That's too bad that you're nauseated all the time, but like you said, I guess you're probably as used to it as a person ever could be.  When is your baby due?  I sure hope that Katie and Jon are able to have a child, too, as I know when I was growing up all I ever wanted was to be a wife and mom, so I know it has to be really sad for someone to not be able to have a child of their own.  But like I keep telling them, there are so many beautiful children that would love to have a great mom and dad, so they can always adopt.  Katie teaches special ed, and loves kids, and my son, Jon, has always been a "kid" magnet.  Little kids and babies just immediately bond with him.  I'm sure it will work out.  I have so much admiration for all of you that deal with Crohn's, as it's a struggle, I know.  My oldest son has had juvenile diabetes since he was 2, he's now 35, and I know that's been a battle.  I didn't know much about  Crohn's until I met Katie, but I now know that's a roller coaster just like my son's diabetes.  Her mom actually has Crohn's, too, but isn't on any meds or anything.  She feels guilty that the 3 kids struggle with it, and she doesn't.
Anyway, please keep me posted on your pregnancy, okay, and I'll keep you posted on Katie and Jon.  Thanks for your encouragement, and I will sure keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  I know that you will have a healthy, beautiful baby!
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Thank you so much!  We are due March 28th.  We have had the first ultrasound and got to hear the heartbeat.  I just pray that little one does not get Crohn's.  As a mom, it has got to be so hard to watch your children suffer and know that you somehow passed this to them.  I nkow my mom feels bad.  It came from her side of the family, but it is in no way her fault.  God only gives us things that we are strong enough to handle.  I've wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember.  I just pray each day that my body can see this through.  I'm amazed at the women that are blessed with the ability to carry a child, and they smoke and drink and whatever else.  Then, there are those that want children so badly and cannot have them.  Sometimes I think that God makes some women that way so they can take care of the little ones whose moms can't or won't take care of them.  I'll let you know as I reach my milestones.  I'll keep Katie and Jon in my prayers.
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Isn't that exciting to see the ultrasounds, and hear that little heartbeat?  My kids Dad and I had divorced when they were only 1 and 5, but always remained good friends. I remarried about 5 yrs. later (what a mistake!), and got pregnant right away with twin boys.  When I was 7 mos. pregnant, he had beaten the heck out of me for hours, and when he finally took me to the hospital, I had to deliver stillborn little twin boys.  I guess my first ex came up to the hospital, and a friend of mine from high school, but I don't even remember.  Hard to believe I'd have 25 yr. old twins on 9/7.  God doesn't give us more than we can handle, I know that, but sometimes it's come pretty close.  Took me 8 yrs. to figure out a way to safely leave him so he wouldn't kill me, but I did it.  We had so many material things, but I just left and took the kids and nothing else, and he didn't kill me, so that's good.  
I know Jon and Katie worry that if they do have a baby, it will have Crohn's or juvenile diabetes, or both!  My kid's Dad developed diabetes when he was in his 30's, and passed away 18 mos. ago from complications.  With Katie's whole family having Crohn's, other than her Dad, and my oldest son and their Dad having diabetes, I'm sure hoping it skips a generation!  Hopefully some day soon they'll find cures for both diseases, and so many other diseases that people have to deal with.
What a depressing message.  I should have sent this as a private one!
Anyway, glad that you got to "meet" your baby via ultrasound.  That's so exciting.  Seems like just yesterday that my oldest was born, and I miss those days of them being little.  We had so much fun.  Time flies, so a person sure needs to enjoy every day.
I'll keep you in my prayers, but I know you're pregnancy will be smooth, and you'll have a beautiful, healthy baby.  Keep me posted!
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WOW!  You have been through a lot.  I can't imagine going through something so terrifying.  And, to lose those little ones...so sad.  Maybe it was God's way of keeping them from enduring a life with that man.  I am so sorry that you had to suffer through that.  

It was very amazing to see that little life on the screen.  I keep wanting to reach those milestones, but I don't want to wish this experience away.  It does seem to be moving fast, though.  And, whatever God gives us:  boy, girl, healthy or sick, we will love this child more than we've ever loved anything or anyone.  I'm just thankful for the gift right now.  It's a hard decision to make to have a child when you know that your genes are "less than perfect".  But, I don't think you should keep from living life to its fullest out of fear.  You could pass up the chance to enjoy this wonderful experience!  I pray that all goes well for Katie and Jon, and you!  I'll let you know as I reach each of those milestones!
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I guess what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?  I'm just so sorry my kids had to endure 8 years with that monster.  He physically didn't abuse them, but they've told me a lot of things he'd say to them while I was at work, and let's put it this way, I don't think that he'd want to run into me now that he doesn't have me stuck out in the country, isolated from everyone.  Hard for people to understand why victims of abuse stay with their abusers, which is frustrating, but trust me, it's not love, money (I made more than him), it's plain fear.  I learned many years ago to never say "I'd never do this or that", because until a person is in that position, they have no idea what they'd do.
I wonder how often you'll have the ultrasounds.  As the baby grows, it's so fun to see them moving around, sucking their little thumbs, etc.  Sometimes I think that I would like to be a foster parent, but it would be heartbreaking to see children who had been abused, and harder to have to give them back to their abusers, if that's what the courts decided.  So maybe I'll go rock babies at the hospital.  I was always lucky that I could be at the hospital most of the time when my oldest was always in the hospital, but I know some parents can't be.  So I'll have to check into that.
Anyway, I hope that you have a great Labor Day weekend, and please do keep me posted on how you're doing, okay?  Feel free to PM me anytime!
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I wanted to tell you that I have two beautiful healthy baby girls. My first is four and I developed Crohns during that pregnancy, she was taken early due to my illness, I only gained 10 pounds by 37 weeks.(and started at 100lbs) She was 4lbs 13oz, but healthy. My second is 17 months and I took Remicade which works very much like Humira (which is what I take now) through my whole pregnancy. I had no flares or problems related to my Crohns, and I had ultrasounds every month to monitor her growth and development, and she was born as healthy as could be. That was a hard decision to stay on the medication, but the risk of a crohn's flare could have been devestating to me and the baby. There is not a lot of research out there about this stuff, but your daughter in law has to take care of herself to have a successful pregnancy. A good rule of thumb, usually whatever condition your Crohns is in when you get pregnant will determine how your pregnancy will go. If she has a lot of symptoms and very little control, it will probably be harder to maintain the pregnancy. I may have just gotten lucky, only God knows, but my Drs. are amazed at how wonderfully everything has turned out.
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Hi akay,

Congratulations on your beautiful, healthy baby girls!  And thank you so much for the post.  My daughter-in-law's sister has 2 children, too, and has had Crohn's for quite a while.  Her first pregnancy went great, but her second was pretty trying.  I believe that she went off her Remicade while pregnant with her 2nd child.  She had to have a portion of her intestine removed while pregnant, and was in the hospital most of the the pregnancy.  She ended up needing a second surgery, so they took the baby early.  He's a little cutie, but was in the hospital for about 3 mos.  She is now on Humira, too. My daughter-in-law seems to be doing very well on the Humira, and has actually been on it about a year.  You're right, there is very little info on taking Humira while pregnant.  She has spoken to her ob/gyn, who said to follow her Crohn's Dr.'s advise, which is to remain on Humira the entire pregnancy, if they get pregnant.
Anyway, I will sure pass on your story.  She gets so sad, because they want a baby so bad, and would be such wonderful parents.  
Once again, thank you so much for the reply, and I'm so happy that you have your two beautiful daughters!
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