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Looking for advice, I have had bloody diarrhea on and off since last year.

My symptoms have been diarrhea with blood, mucus and pus on and off for the past year. I was hospitalised briefly for blood loss and dehydration, blood tests showed elevated inflammation markers and wbc. Numerous stool samples were clear of infection.

I was partially treated using steroid enemas which alleviated the bleeding.

After being treated with the enemas I had a colonoscopy during which the diagnosis was suspected Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The following are the biopsy results:

Biopsy results: descending large bowel showing crypt architecture distortion, paneth cell metaplasia, there is mild focal acute cryptitis. No crypt abscesses, no granulomas, no parasites. The lamina propria shows excess diffuse chronic inflammation with basal cell plasmacytisis.

Following a recent appointment with my gastroenterologist I have been told to stop the enemas because my diagnosis is probably post infective ibs and there is nothing more that can be done for me. My problem is that when I stop the enemas the bloody diarrhea returns and I become very ill. I would be grateful for your opinions on the results of my biopsies in correlation with my symptoms and advice on how I could proceed?
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