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Loss of Vision, Extreme Pain, HELP!

Hi there,
     I went to the ER on 9/30 after losing my vision (extremely blurred vision...could see nothing) while driving, having a hot flash, sweating, shaking, and having extreme lower abdominal pain while driving.  Had eaten raw almonds 5-10 minutes before onset of symptoms.  I am now having extreme pain again for the first time since.  

ER test results:

Nothing on CAT scan
Bloodwork fine, but slightly elevated white blood cell count
Urine test fine
Ultrasound showed 3.5cm cyst on my ovary, but I am assured this is nothing to worry about.
I was given Vicoden and an anti-nausea medication.  

Extreme pain in lower abdomen right after small BM.  No food for last 3 hours.
Vicoden does not relieve my pain and I haven't taken any today.  I took probiotics 5 min after onset of pain tonight.

Anxiety is now a factor due to losing my vision while driving.  I am not usually an anxious person and have a high pain tolerance.  Pain in my abdomen is severe and I was not thinking about anything stressful at onset.  I think it is unrelated to stress.  I asked the doctor to test for Crohn's Disease months ago due to much less severe symptoms.  I don't know if she did.  What would I look for on the lab results?  I am a non-smoker, female, 32yrs old.  What could this be?

Please help.  I am in such pain and am concerned.  
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Test for Celiac's disease...sorry.  Celiac's.
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Go to a Naturopathic Doctor. You need a health coach for this.
Could be celiac's, chron's, coliitis, parasites, mycoplasma infection, general food intolerances, leaky gut syndrome, ibs, candida, gut dysbiosis and any other digestive and gastrointestinal condition or combination of conditions.
There are over 80 different causes, sometimes very difficult to dx
You need to do the hypoallergenic or elimination diet first and gradually build up your intestinal flora safely at well as your immunity!
So you need a combination of traditional medicine for many tests (blood work and scans) and Naturopathic medicine for holistic treatment.
Vision issues could be related to neurological issues connected to low nutrient assimilation  and/or metabolic dysfunction (usually carbohydrates).
Try eliminating carbs and dairy totally for the next little while and see what happens.
That means no grains,sugars,starches,sweets and sugars,sodas,cereals,
pastas,breads,potatoes etc. Hard to do, but tough it out if you can.
Look into GAPS and SCD programs. Just do a search.
Extra virgin coconut oil up to 4T daily is very helpful. Start with 2T daily
for week 1. More info @ the coconut research center website.
Hope this helps,
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